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Putin: No more duty-free imports if Ukraine signs EU deal

Published time: June 19, 2014 13:20
Edited time: June 27, 2014 09:46
Russia's President Vladimir Putin (AFP Photo / RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin)

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (AFP Photo / RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin)

Ukrainian exports to Russia will no longer be zero-rated should Kiev sign the economic part of a free-trade agreement with the EU, said President Vladimir Putin.

"Some economic problems may appear for us, and we will be unable to keep a zero import duty for certain," he said late Wednesday at a meeting on agriculture development.

"It has nothing to do with the policy or with a choice of one or another state – every sovereign state has the right to choose its own path," Putin added.

In the first place, the limitation would concern agricultural products, the President explained.

As reported, the EU and Ukraine plan to sign the Association Agreement during the EU summit in Brussels on June 27.

The move would further damage Russia-Ukraine economic relations, that were most recently hit by Russia’s decision to move Kiev’s gas giant Naftogaz to a prepayment system.

The political part of the Association Agreement between Kiev and the EU was signed on March 21.

The economic part of the EU will imply that Ukraine would gain tariff-free access to the large European market as well as European goods, which the union expects will promote trade and investments and encourage labor flow. Meanwhile, the average unemployment in the eurozone is 12 percent.

The Association Agreement with Europe lies at the heart of the Ukraine’s half-year-long turmoil. People in Kiev started to flood Kiev’s Maidan square right after then President Yanukovich chose to put off the final decision on the economic integration with the EU, saying he needed time to weigh possible gains and losses.

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Robert Miller 27.06.2014 20:58

Wouldn't it be nicer to treat your neighbour with respect, and openness rather than with threats and black mail!
Why wouldn't Russia let the Ukraine trade with who it wants without being bullied? Or isn't that Russia way to treat other countries?


Sasa 27.06.2014 14:45

RockyRacoon 27.06.2014 12:55

Looks like the brains of Europe are still intact: Russia and Austria have agreed on a joint company to construct the Austrian arm of the $45 billion South Stream gas pipeline project, which is expected to deliver 32 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to the country, bypassing Ukraine


Austria is the only smart country in EU. They don't care who says what - if it damages local economy, they simply discard the law and introduce their own. Good for Austria, poor for USA puppet countries in EU


Sasa 27.06.2014 14:43

Alex P. 27.06.2014 11:53

Last I checked Eurasian Union has been signed in; and set to operate starting 2015. Pretty sure Putin got his project done.

And will someone please tell me why a dirt poor country like Ukraine, with nothing to offer, is so essential for the Russian customs Union lmao? You noobs been reading too many Brezinski books.


Be cause they are idiots. The only money worth parts of Ukraine are Crimea and E. Ukraine now totally devastated and without working force. Who is going to export resources for Ukraine there, eh?

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