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​Oil price rises on Iraq conflict, China data

Published time: June 23, 2014 18:20

Barjisiya oil fields in Zubair One south west of the city of Basra, Iraq (AFP Photo)

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The price of oil rose on Monday, with Brent approaching a nine-month high at $114/bbl, after Islamic militants captured more territory in Iraq. Solid manufacturing data from China also sparked concernes global oil demand could soon jump.

Over the weekend Islamic insurgents seized four new towns and two border crossings of Iraq's frontiers with Jordan and Syria. The blitz has greatly expanded the territory under their control in the North.


Brent oil reached its highest level since September 9th last year to $114.02 a barrel in Nasdaq Stock Exchange. At the same time crude futures for August delivery rose to $107.17 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Jorge Montepeque, Global Director of Market Reporting at Platts in an interview with RT called the current trend in the oil market as a “precaution.”

I think people have done the precautionary buying. And if they see some production shading, then prices could go up even further. But the situation is changing so quickly in Iraq right now,” Jorge Montepeque said.

Even though the oil is mainly delivered through the south, there could be some disruptions. And the most likely thing is that some production will be lost,” he added.

Earlier on Monday, China posted strong manufacturing datafor June indicating that the slowdown in the country's economy is bottoming out. The HSBC preliminary manufacturing purchasing managers index PMI came in at a seven-month high of 50.8 compared with 49.4 in May.

It is the first time this year the index has moved above the 50 mark, showing expansion and leading to increased energy demand.

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Ghost 24.06.2014 06:40

George 23.06.2014 22:47

Rising oil prices is what Russia wants to see. Their bread and butter, so to speak.


extracting oil is very expensive in the US, hikes do work for the US too :)


Alexander Cerrone 24.06.2014 01:26

$150/brl before the end of 2014 is a definite possibility, especially if Iraq falls to the insurgency. Kuwait would be the next logical target, which would complete the 360 back to the First Gulf War, 1991. Stay tuned!


George 23.06.2014 22:47

Rising oil prices is what Russia wants to see. Their bread and butter, so to speak.

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