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Ukraine's reverse gas flow from Europe artificial – Putin

Published time: July 01, 2014 16:06
Edited time: July 01, 2014 19:13
President Vladimir Putin meeting with Russian ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry mansion, July 1, 2014. Right: Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (RIA Novosti / Alexey Nikolsky)

President Vladimir Putin meeting with Russian ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry mansion, July 1, 2014. Right: Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (RIA Novosti / Alexey Nikolsky)

Ukraine has concocted a plan with its European partners on reverse gas flows, that actually don't exist, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. He added that Russia is keeping calm so as not to provoke the situation.

Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others

How can it be possible to supply the gas on the same pipe to one side and another? We know that there is no reverse gas flow. There is no need to be a specialist to understand it,” ITAR-TASS quotes Putin.

President Putin stressed that Russia “sees everything”; however the country is not acting, only because it doesn’t want the situation to worsen.

It’s an artificial reverse flow, in fact there is no reverse,” Putin said.

The Russian leader is certain that Ukraine has concocted a plan with its western partners by paying for gas European customers do not receive.

Putin considers the main problem is Ukraine has broken its obligations, after which the country refused to pay for gas supplies. Putin accused Ukraine on Tuesday of using "blackmail" in negotiations on gas prices, and that Kiev had demanded a "totally unjustified" price cut for Russian gas supplies.

However the agreement was signed in 2009 and was conscientiously implemented from our side,” said Putin.

The president said that on June 16 Ukraine was switched to a gas prepayment plan, which created a need to pay in advance for any natural gas from Russia at a price of $485 per thousand cubic meters.

It means Ukraine stopped receiving gas from Russia, as Naftogaz now owes Gazprom $4.5 billion.

Ukraine then responded by saying it could receive up to 20 billion cubic meters in reverse flow from neighboring Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. However Gazprom and RT experts doubt that even having the infrastructure to reverse the gas flow, the scheme would be legal.

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Elwyn Evans 08.08.2014 13:16

"may go to the World Bank for help". Stupid Nazis. You are walking through the world with your friends (really, friends Hmmn) Nuland who tossed her cookies, Mr Mcdead brain, Lindsey stembrain dead and Mr. Half and half. Half CIA and Half idiot killer. The Americans stole your gold and seventy billion dollars and the IMF has no money for you. If you were not such crazed killers, you would shine as pathetic.


Jean-Claude Meslin 04.07.2014 20:45

A reverse gas flow to Ukraine mean than for example Russia send gas to Germany. The Germans sell part of it to Ukraine, using pipe which carried gas from Russia to Germany through Ukraine. This mean transfer it from the North-Stream. If the Germans pay 350 $; Ukrainians will pay more, unless Brussels make EU's customer pay the transfer.
Knowin g that, Russia could increase the price, or simply, until Ukraine's debts is paid in full, shut all pipes from EU off. It is easier to understand who will be, once more: the suckers...
Thank You Washington; we love you ! (Rather get off our back, once and for all !)


Christy 04.07.2014 16:36

Why are you speculating? Putin says reverse flow doesn't exist. What are we "bringing to light" for people if nothing is happening? How is America "flaunting it in russia's face?" Again, not happening!
You seem confused here - first it's flowing gas, then it's a 'rogue American government' creating chaos.
Looks like we have the same old situation - everyone in the world EXCEPT putin is lying about Ukraine (even though he himself says reverse flow isn't possible). It's SO hard to get your propaganda straight, but no worry, russian sheep and will go along with anything putin says, no matter how ridiculous he sounds.

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