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Bitcoin ATM in your pocket

Published time: April 16, 2014 15:36
A smartphone with a QR code is scanned on Hong Kong's first bitcoin ATM during a demonstration at a bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong March 13, 2014. (Reuters/Bobby Yip)

A smartphone with a QR code is scanned on Hong Kong's first bitcoin ATM during a demonstration at a bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong March 13, 2014. (Reuters/Bobby Yip)

Anyone in China with a smartphone can now act as a bitcoin ATM with BTC China’s new mobile app that lets users buy and sell bitcoins in different major world currencies. The mobile app has been launched along with a physical ATM.

The launch of the Picasso ATM coincides with the Chinese crackdown on financial institutions using bitcoin, and could boost BTC’s international customer base.

The web-based application will be in place of a physical ATM, and can be used to transfer the cryptocurrency into hard currency worldwide.

The physical ATM is located at the IC Coffee Shop in Shanghai’s Pudong Zhangjiang tech park. Here people can insert yuan into the machine in exchange for bitcoins, but cannot withdraw any cash.

Although there is no current ban on cryptocurrencies in China, the People’s Bank of China has warned financial institutions that they shouldn’t trade digital tender, like bitcoin.

The People's Bank of China (PBC) warned financial institutions in December they should be “on guard” against the cryptocurrency bitcoin because the risk of fraud and money laundering. However, on April 11 the governor of the People’s Bank of China said the government is not going to ban bitcoin.

Last week two bitcoin exchanges reported domestic Chinese banks received notice local lenders would shut down trading accounts.

As of April 16, BTC China is still up and operational, according to CEO Bobby Lee. In late February, the bitcoin world was shaken when Japan-based Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy, after millions of dollars in bitcoin went missing.

Individuals, using the new application, will be able to bypass local banks that are skeptical of bitcoin, but are still engaging with the currency “at their own risk”. In the eyes of the PBC it is not a real currency. Online retailers have also banned the anonymous currency.

Financial regulators worldwide are worried about bitcoin exchange, as the digital currency is often used to illegally purchase products like weapons and drugs.

There is no institutional backing of bitcoin- that is it isn’t insured by any governing body or physical commodity, like gold.

Comments (2)


DoAskDoTell 16.04.2014 18:00

in the west, bank$ => create money that can only be used in their stores (banks = stores selling money)

of course, western banks hate competitions, but people have to learn about commerce and experiment with their future anyway...

QE $1000+ Trillion toilet paper dollar has destroy values, now *money IS opinions* of some bankers, creditors, hedge funds... gangs (see paintings that is worth 100+ millions, Vatican trillion bonds, your wages, CEO benefits, subsidies...)


Freaky 16.04.2014 16:58

The USA will not allow this and will find a way to frutselde it. because this is a real treat for their fraud dollar system
and would bring real dammage to USA assets in the world.
I am defenitly sure this is not gonna happen worldwide

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