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'Business as usual’ in Russia – BP

Published time: April 11, 2014 13:55
Edited time: April 16, 2014 04:40
AFP Photo / Karen Bleier

AFP Photo / Karen Bleier

Speaking at BP’s annual shareholder meeting, CEO Bob Dudley said the company can “act as a bridge” between Russia and Europe, adding that it was “business as usual” between the oil giant and Russia.

BP remains positive on doing business with Russia, even though the wetern politicians threaten to move on to economic sanctions over tensions in Ukraine.

“We have a unique position,” Dudley told shareholders in London on Thursday.

This unique position stems from Rosneft and TNK-BP’s mega $55 billion merger in March 2013 that made the Russian oil company the world’s largest publicly traded oil producer. BP acquired a 19.75 percent of Rosneft last year as part of the exchange.

Bob Dudley (AFP Photo / Ben Stansall)

"That has got to continue and I think we play an important role as a bridge," he told shareholders.

Chief Executive Bob Dudley is a board member of Rosneft, which makes him one of the few foreigners who has a seat on a state-owned board.

BP says it won’t be kicked out of Russia and that business will continue as normal.

“We will seek to continue our business activities mindful that the mutual dependence between Russia as an energy supplier and Europe as an energy consumer has been an important source of security and engagement for both parties,” Dudley said at the meeting.

The BP acquisition has helped Rosneft increase production which accounts for 40 percent of Russian oil output and about 5 percent of total global oil output.

According to BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, Russia is “very keen” to continue doing business, and put to rest any rumors that the company’s assets could be seized by way of sanctions or counter sanctions.

"Expropriation would hit them dramatically. I can't see why that would happen,” the chairman said.

After Russian President Putin announced that troops had been deployed to the Ukrainian border, Rosneft’s stock plunged, dragging BP down with it, resulting in a $1 billion overnight loss.

BP has a market capitalization of $164.37 billion. Rosneft is worth about $70 billion.

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q5wwkp 13.04.2014 11:11

Of course business is as usual, i wouldn't be surprised if it was better, all kind of oil company profit from and kind of war of political/internatio nal tension!


Lee Schuler 12.04.2014 16:39

brian pfeiffer 11.04.2014 15:30

And the dominos begin to fall...soon more and more corporations will realize that U.S. led sanctions hurt them as well as Russian industry and will tell the U.S. where they can stick their sanctions


obama makes yet another mess and the garbage piles higher and higher as he lies more and more. Between his arrogance, his dishonesty, his cowardice and his ignorance the approval ratings for him will continue to sink lower and lower and he will become the laughing stock of more and more of the world's citizens. Putin=world leader obama=world clown


Dunbal 12.04.2014 10:31

Valentyna Hadley 11.04.2014 14:41

It is exactly right business development helps to fight the poverty,create jobs,make people to stay busy and minimize the rate of the criminal elements in any society.


That depends on the business. The energy business needs a fairly well off society because energy demands increase when people are richer, the products they want need more energy to produce, etc. But something like the textile industry, agriculture or mining wishes everyone would work for bread, rice or salt.

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