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​R.I.P. Windows XP

Published time: April 08, 2014 10:03
Edited time: April 09, 2014 10:33
Reuters / Jeff Christensen

Reuters / Jeff Christensen

Microsoft has officially stopped supporting its technologically obsolete Windows XP operating system, after almost 13 years. From Tuesday around a third of all computers in the world will become more vulnerable to hacking and viruses.

The move doesn’t mean that computers running Windows XP will stop working. It means that there will be no more security updates, hot fixes, online technical content updates or any kind of technical support for XP, as there are for newer versions of Windows.

From a user’s perspective, newly discovered vulnerabilities in Windows XP will remain un-patched, says Europol.

Running Windows XP after support ceases may expose PCs to higher security risks as they might become defenseless to different forms of malware which can steal or damage personal or business data.

People have to realise that if they connect to the Internet with a Windows XP machine after 8 April, they will become easy targets for hackers. This goes for individuals as well as for companies and government services. If you realise you can no longer lock your front door, you call a locksmith to change it. This is the same,” says Troels Oerting, the head of the European Cybercrime Centre.

According to the marketing director of NCR, the largest ATM supplier in the US, more than 95 percent of all ATM machines in the world are still running Windows XP. Many point-of-sale machines also run different versions of Windows XP which makes them a perfect target for attacks.

As many as 10 percent of US government computers, hundreds of thousands of machines, are also Windows XP based and can be left out of date, including networks carrying classified military and diplomatic information.

The UK government has already signed a $9.1 million deal to extend the 12 month support for departmental computers using Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003. A similar multi-million dollar deal is in place to help the 40,000 PCs used by German civil servants.

March 2014 Desktop Operating System Market Share. Image from

Windows XP was launched on October 25 2001 and is now the world’s second most popular operating system. In March 2014 it had a 27.69 percent global market share, following market leader Windows 7 with 48.77 percent, according to NetMarketshare.

Comments (24)


Merlin Swordofthestone 08.04.2014 23:29

all switch to UBUNTU, it doese not cost you anything...


R 08.04.2014 23:18

Windows is that big company that now has the market share! They have all of you guys conned into thinking it is the best.
It has acquired that status by being the cheapest, and by the sheep that follow one another over the cliff!
Try a Mac or better yet GNU a freeware operating system!
I'll bet most of you have never herd of Gnu or even know how it differs from windows and Mac!


R 08.04.2014 23:13

I purchased windows 7 to run inside my Mac to run an industrial pgm that is written for XP and not written for Mac. So I purchase windows 7 for home and office $350 (could not buy XP anymore) , I install it in my Mac, and the pgm will not run in win 7. I found out that I have to run it in XP mode so my Xp pgm's will work. Oh no I have to buy the elite version of XP that will run all of the XP pgm's not just some of them!
When you buy a Mac, not just that fact that the computer is stable, it is simpler to run than windows, and the upgrades are either free or they cost $30 dollars.
Try a Mac you will never go back!

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