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Hemp aid: US considers buying industrial cannabis from Ukraine to bolster its economy

Published time: March 26, 2014 16:13
Edited time: March 27, 2014 10:48
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The US Department of Agriculture is looking to boost imports of hemp seeds from Ukraine, hoping this will help the country’s battered economy. However, they still do not know what it will be used for.

“We are now involved in trying to figure out ways in which we might be able to use the industrial hemp seeds that are created in Ukraine in the US,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told Bloomberg in an interview Tuesday.

Ukraine is the world’s fourth-biggest producer of industrial hemp seed, the term used to refer to cannabis strains cultivated for non-drug use. Unlike another, most known type of Cannabis grown for marijuana, industrial hemp lacks that same ingredient, THC, which causes physical or psychological effects and gives smoker a high.

Industrial hemp, being one of the earliest domesticated plants known, has many uses from healthy food to making paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction and even fuel.

Easy to cultivate, uses for industrial hemp are growing rapidly.

Ukraine is currently angling for aid from the International Monetary Fund, as much as $20 billion, while it has also been struggling with months of political crisis.

The Obama administration is planning to provide a $1 billion loan for the coup-imposed government of Ukraine, and is working with European allies on a broader package.

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jerebroome 28.03.2014 23:30

This article is nothing but rubbish. RT, you have outdone yourselves AGAIN. The only difference between RT and The Onion is that The Onion admits its articles are BS.


Gordon Soderberg 28.03.2014 18:08

Buying hemp from Ukraine for purely political reasons while preventing farmers in the US from growing it for purely political reasons, is not just hypocritical and un-American, it is one of the most STUPID ideas I've ever heard. If we buy their hemp with our tax dollars, I feel all federal laws regarding its prohibition are vacated. START PLANTING LIKE JOHNNY APPLESEED!


paul connor 28.03.2014 03:35

Expect this stock to sell now The Green age has dawned.
Hemp Inc.

Using hemp as a key ingredient, Hemp's (HEMP) supplements seem to fall in three key categories: protein, sexual performance and general nutrition.

14 cannabis stocks to watch in 2014
The move toward legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use has boosted cannabis-related companies.

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