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‘Mutual distrust’: Ecuador ejects US military group

Published time: April 25, 2014 13:11
Ecuador President Rafael Correa (AFP Photo/Eric Feferberg)

Ecuador President Rafael Correa (AFP Photo/Eric Feferberg)

Ecuador has given a group of 20 US Defense Department employees until the end of the month to quit the country. President Rafael Correa had previously said the presence of the US military in Ecuador was “scandalous” and they had “infiltrated all sectors.”

Ecuador has officially requested that all 20 Defense Department employees in the US Embassy in Quito cease their activities and leave the country by the end of the month, embassy spokesman Jeffrey Weinshenker confirmed to AP. He said the embassy had received a formal letter dated April 7, alerting them to the imminent expulsion of the group.

Previously, Correa attacked the US’s military presence in the Latin American country, claiming there were even more operatives.

“There are about 50 of them. Who can justify this? We are now taking action accordingly,” he said in January, pledging to have them removed from the country. He added that these operatives had infiltrated all sectors of the Ecuadorian political sphere, referring to their presence as “scandalous.”

Correa said that such activities have led to a climate of “tensions and mutual distrust” between the two countries.

Weinshenker has defended the US presence in Ecuador, maintaining that all the activities the military personnel carry out have to be approved by Ecuadorian officials. He also mentioned that Washington had donated around $7 million to the Ecuadorian government to aid in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Relations between Washington and Quito have deteriorated over the past few years. The Ecuadorian government ejected US Ambassador Heather Hodges in 2011 after WikiLeaks released a document in which she alleged that corruption in the Ecuadorian police was widespread.

In addition, tensions rose between the two countries when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was granted political asylum by Ecuador. Assange released a trove of classified American documents into the public sphere via the website WikiLeaks, prompting Washington to accuse him of aiding terrorists.

Although the whistleblower was granted asylum, he has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past three years. The UK authorities have pledged to arrest Assange should he set foot outside the embassy building and extradite him to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning over accusations of sexual assault.

Assange fears the Swedish authorities will hand him over to the US for questioning over the leaks.

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Nicholas Ehry 27.04.2014 19:04

And we wonder why other countries don't like Americans. Our government took care of that for us. Ecuador is such a beautiful country and an amazing culture I would love to visit.


Aaron Swenson 26.04.2014 21:18

Our nations corrupt leaders are selling our (not so free anymore) Republic out to WW3, so the US can be broken and they can pick up the pieces afterwards, in a nice totalitarian package. Are our freedom fighters going to allow that? Or will they be too little too late to fend off a foreign invasion in the midst of a civil war? Will a civil war even happen? Will our freedom fighters just slowly die off into silence before it all comes down and the Republic dies without even a whimper? Time to start thinking about these things people.


frank hermes 26.04.2014 14:33

[quote name='giovannino Michael ' time='26.04.2014 12:56']

Abs olutely correct. it's time the free Nations gather together to oppose US regime and colonies' forces. A mutual, military alliance would be a great tool, now that the regime of warmongers and gangsters back in N. America is on the sliding path to its final debacle.

[/ quote]

the so called "free natins" are not free at all. elites are everywhere.

ppl. are slaves everywhere. same monetary system = same "god", same "devil" .. same shitt... they dont think about giving up power over people..

its a shame this world, it is..

gloria to the people.

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