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​May holiday terror plot thwarted in Dagestan

Published time: April 28, 2014 01:20
Edited time: April 28, 2014 04:38
Screenshot from a video provided by the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee

Screenshot from a video provided by the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee

Russian police and special forces have conducted a complex raid in the city of Derbent, neutralizing a terror cell that had been planning a series of attacks during the May holidays in the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan.

The first clash happened when police tried to stop a car for selective inspection and two men inside opened fire at the officers, injuring one. One of the attackers was killed in the shootout, while the second fled the scene and was later found in a nearby garage complex. Inside the militant’s car police found a pistol, ammunition and a grenade.

In the meantime a separate anti-terror operation was being conducted nearby, where special forces were blocking a private house where, according to intelligence, several members of a terror cell had been hiding. The suspects refused to surrender, instead opening fire at the officers, forcing them to storm the building.

During the operation a hand-made explosive device was set off inside the house, setting it on fire. Three militants were killed during the raid, the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee said in a statement. Police confiscated a couple of machine guns, a rifle, ammunition and several grenades.

Investigating the plot further, police discovered a garage that belonged to the militants and was used as a workshop for creating homemade explosive devises, the committee reported.

Screenshot from a video provided by the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee

A car stuffed with explosives was found inside, along with two bucket-bombs with shrapnel fragments and components for building more explosive devices. In the process of disarming, one of the bombs exploded, destroying the building. Nobody was hurt by the blast, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said.

“According to the data from the operation headquarters of National Anti-Terrorism Committee, [members of the ‘South’ terror group] were plotting a series of terror acts across the territory of the republic during the May holiday period,” the representative of the committee’s information center, Andrey Chatsky, said.

Screenshot from a video provided by the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee

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Mark Bradley 30.04.2014 06:31

The US is planning to use its paid terrorists to try to overthrow another republic of the Russian Federation. I think the Russians should start paying, I mean assisting, the lunatic crackers whoops~! , I mean , "freedom fighters" in Alaska and Idaho and Nevada to "liberate" those states


Vladimir Dula 28.04.2014 09:13

Mike Oxstiff 28.04.2014 09:03

I like the line. " forced them to storm the building". It seems the Russians are FORCED into doing a lot of things recently especially in ukraine


[q uote name='lijo' time='28.04.2014 02:10']
we live in a dream...[/quote]

Now, that IS a real "war on terror"!:)


Suyanto Ng 28.04.2014 09:08

This also remind me same clashes in Indonesia, with anti-terrorist unit crackdown militant cells, some even in middle city, in densed population area. They usually prefer pistols and home made explosives revealed after crackdown over. They even rob bank and gold store in midday for fund their actions. In my town, one of them blow himself in Mosque in precinct area.

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