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NATO’s record 6,000-strong drills kick off in Estonia amid Ukraine tensions

Published time: May 05, 2014 18:07
Edited time: May 05, 2014 19:54
Reuters / Stoyan Nenov

Reuters / Stoyan Nenov

NATO’s three-week 'Spring Storm' drills, involving a record-breaking number of 6,000 troops, have begun in Estonia. For the first time, a cyber security team from France is participating in the military exercises.

“This year's Spring Storm brings together a record number of allied troops – infantry from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, soldiers from Latvia, soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team of the US army, as well as soldiers from Lithuania,” the Estonian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

In addition, Poland has sent three of its Sukhoi Su-22 attack aircraft and a division of missile defense system unit SA-8, which will be tasked with protecting an air base near Tallinn and the surrounding airspace.

Just like last year, the exercise also involves anti-aircraft personnel from Belgium.

The main goal of the military exercises is to assess the skills of the infantry battalions, rehearse cooperation between different units, and improve management methods of staff divisions, the ministry stressed.

The Spring Storm drills have been held annually in different parts of Estonia since 2003.

This year, military maneuvers will be held in 5 out of 15 Estonian counties, including southern and southeastern regions close to the border with Russia. The exercises are scheduled to finish on May 23.

Britain, France, and the US have been deploying troops to the Baltic region since April 29, a week ahead of the drills in Estonia. A day earlier, around 150 personnel of the US airborne division arrived in a military transport aircraft to Amari airbase. Upon completion of the maneuvers, the US Marines will remain in Estonia at least until the end of 2014.

Amid rising tensions in Ukraine, the UK and France deployed eight fighter jets to Lithuania and Poland to strengthen NATO air defense over the Baltic regions.

On May 2, a group of NATO ships arrived in the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda to “ensure regional security.”

Russia considers the increase of NATO forces so close to its border a provocation, and believes it is counter-productive in the struggle to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine.

On Monday, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu called on his American counterpart, Chuck Hagel, to cool down the rhetoric over Ukraine and work together to defuse the situation.

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Ken Sendo 19.05.2014 14:27

... Payback Time: Russia and Cuba should launch "scheduled" ; air-land-sea exercise just up the coast from Guantanamo Bay, then watch the cabal hypocrites scream foul.


Peter 10.05.2014 07:13

The NATO Spring Storm Drills is really a coded message within the name. The message? NATO SS Drills!!!


Dicio Est 07.05.2014 10:50

Solly bin Nazirellah 07.05.2014 07:57

"Drake Chen 07.05.2014 07:10"
Just search "American geography", all you get is a whole country of dumb hillbillies showing off their gross stoopidity!


Most of these videos are edited together to give out a perception. You can't judge a whole country based on such videos.

Giv e an equivalent task of naming US states to an European he probably knows the bigger ones like Texas, New York, Washington, Florida etc.

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