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Cuba arrests four Miami-based exiles on attack plot suspicions

Published time: May 07, 2014 19:59
Reuters/Dinuka Liyanawatte

Reuters/Dinuka Liyanawatte

Cuba’s Interior Ministry has arrested four Miami-based Cuban exiles under suspicion they have been planning attacks on Cuban military installations. The government also accused the four of promoting anti-government violence.

In a statement published on Wednesday in the newspaper Granma, the men were identified as having “close links with the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles”. Carriles is a Cuban exile and ex-CIA operative living in Miami.

The men were named as Jose Ortega Amador, Obdulio Rodriguez Gonzalez, Raibel Pacheco Santos and Felix Monzon Alvarez.

Cuba stated that it would be contacting US officials over the course of the investigation.

“The pertinent gestures with the appropriate US authorities will be made to investigate these facts and avoid acts by terrorist organizations or elements located in that country that would put endanger the lives of people and safety of both countries,” said the statement.

All four admitted to plotting the attacks, according to the statement, with three of them saying they have been travelling around the island since mid-2013 to plan the execution of the operation.

The group was allegedly working for three other members of an organized group also based in Miami and linked to Carriles: Santiago Alvarez Fernández Magriñá, Osvaldo Mitat and Manuel Alzugaray.

Carriles has been wanted in Cuba and Venezuela since the 1976 bombing of a Cubana Airlines jet. The incident killed some 723 people. Although he was convicted of the bombing in Venezuela, he escaped from prison in 1985. He has additionally been under suspicion of involvement in hotel bombings on the island.

Cuban exile and former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles (Reuters/Joe Skipper)

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Jonathan Hawfield 08.05.2014 03:02

FACT: These men were betrayed by their own handlers in a prisoner exchange. RT News really needs to work on their sources before publishing lip-service.

Each man was salaried by the Dept of Homeland Security at $870.00 USD per week.
This leak is by GSA 6HDN4 current defected US GSA Contractor.


Walter Teague, III 08.05.2014 02:55

"My View" seems to get the poltical irony. When the US government was given information by the Cuban government about terrorists operating in the US, the US then arrested the anti-terrorist Cuban agents. Though none were involved in any terrorist activity, they were convicted and three remain in US prison, perhaps for life. They are the now famous Cuba 5. Here, Cuba once again finds and captures actual terrorists in Cuba and arrests them. What is 1984ish about that?


My View 08.05.2014 00:20

If we were to turn the table around, and have this situation happening on US soil, with Cubans traveling around the US, plotting a terrorist attack against US targets. Being directed from Cuba by a high profile terrorist wanted by the US for serious terrorist crimes. How do we think the US would react to such a threat? The answer to this easy question serves to reveal the duplicity in international law in favour of the superpower, and the sheer hypocrisy of America's so called war on terror. The above scenario would result in war, however, the actual situation won't even get a mention in the Western mainstream media.

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