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#FastFoodGlobal: 'McWorkers' organize global wage strike LIVE UPDATES

Published time: May 15, 2014 11:43
Edited time: May 15, 2014 17:12
Demonstrators take part in a protest to demand higher wages for fast-food workers outside McDonald's in Los Angeles, California May 15, 2014.(Reuters / Lucy Nicholson)

Demonstrators take part in a protest to demand higher wages for fast-food workers outside McDonald's in Los Angeles, California May 15, 2014.(Reuters / Lucy Nicholson)

Fast food workers of the world have united behind a global wage strike against the multi-billion dollar industry. The protests for a living wage and better working conditions are a truly global event, spanning 150 US cities and 33 countries.

Friday, May 16

00:16 GMT:

In Seattle, Socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant joined fast food workers at a rally in Westlake Park.

Thursday, May 15

23:40 GMT:

In Chicago, striking fast food workers were joined by Walmart workers, a company known for discouraging its employees from joining unions or protesting working conditions. In January, the National Labor Relations Board charged the company with breaking US labor law when it attempted to break up Black Friday protests organized by its workers.

23:12 GMT:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) joined protesters in the rain in her district.

23:07 GMT:

Workers from Subway joined the protest in Kansas City, Mo.

23:02 GMT:

In Rockford, Ill., a worker rallied protesters by telling them they are having an affect on McDonald's bottom line.

22:59 GMT:

Fast food workers in Tennessee were joined by union leaders.

19:20 GMT:

Workers in central London protest outside Whitehall

19:02 GMT:

Fast food workers from Europe, New Zealand and South America talk about why they are joining the global day of action.

18:32 GMT:

Two workers walk out of a McDonald's in down town Oakland, California.

18:06 GMT:

Workers protest outside a Burger King in Atlanta, Georgia.

Comments (11)


Derek Featherman 16.05.2014 20:51

USAproRussia 15.05.2014 12:26

Its unrealistic and would raise prices too much.


Supervisers only deserve minimum wage unless they also do work.
wallstreet only deserve commisions on money they make their clients
office workers deserve less then phsyical laborers
Athlete s deserve 90% less of their pay
People who work in dangerous jobs (sports can be dangerous but its a SPORT for fun) deserve the most IE. Military, Scientists, construction workers (depends)
Garbag e men and other public servents of the such deserve a 100% raise
politictio ns deserve minimum wage


Derek Featherman 16.05.2014 20:41

conservative one 16.05.2014 08:45

Spo ken like a true Marxist.


Spoken like a true SLAVE owner.


Derek Featherman 16.05.2014 20:39

Joseph Trimmer 16.05.2014 00:06

Really, fast food workers' way to ask for a raise is to not show up for work and soil the name of the companies they work for? They should be replaced. "Waah waah I dont make enough" There's plenty of people that would kill for any job and probably wouldn't ditch work like they're doing.


Are you offering yourself to be killed? If not then I advise you dont speak of killing for jobs. Also advise if you wish to still have friends and not have people spiting in your food to keep your negative unproductive comments to yourself or give GOOD reasons to Opose.

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