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Russia has no plans for military bases in Latin America – Lavrov

Published time: May 18, 2014 01:05
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

Moscow has no plans of creating military bases in Latin America but might establish some sustainment centers for the Russian Navy there, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Rossiya TV channel after a trip to four countries in the region.

“There will be no bases – we don’t need them,” Lavrov said on Rossiya's news show ‘Sergey Brilev’s News on Saturday,’ noting that in order for the Russian Navy to sail worldwide, it needs sustainment centers for refueling, maintenance of the vessels, and recreation of the crews.

We’re not after setting up such centers in every country,” the minister stressed. “We will consider the proposals and these centers will be set up wherever it would be best possible for our Navy to negotiate with the host countries,” Lavrov said.

Back in March, there were reports that Russia may open naval bases overseas, with Argentina, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela named as possible locations. Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov then elaborated that Moscow had no intentions of setting up any military bases in Latin America and is only considering sustainment centers for Russian military ships in various ports across the globe.

At the moment, Russia has military bases in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Abkhazia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Tajikistan, and South Ossetia.

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brian 18.05.2014 15:28

Russia is not going to make the same stupid mistakes as the bankrupt US.


MB Achid 18.05.2014 14:05

I find the Russia approach pretty feeble. why is Russia refraining to set military bases in others countries if this is the will or those counties. the rulers of those counties in Latin America and in Africa are been bullied by the western. just consider the security summit of may 16 in Paris. What do you think that EU and USA was doing there. They were not scrutinizing the solution to the problem of terrorism as equals with african leaders. they were blackmailing and bullying them for them to copy their demand


GeV 18.05.2014 11:34

Slow Magic 18.05.2014 10:34

This is not going to happen....

They don't need Russia, for what reason?
They don't need military support they have the US, they don't need humanitarian support they have the US (Russia would not do that anyways even if asked - very


Ignorant?? They don't want NATO by Russia.
and Russia won't trail off of its peacful path to look like a hypocrite.
The US would be quick to dramatize it.
What makes you think Latina America wants the US in its affairs? You have to be stupi-d not to realize Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia.. .

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