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FBI has active criminal case against WikiLeaks’ Assange – court documents

Published time: May 20, 2014 13:42
Julian Assange.(AFP Photo / Anthony Devlin)

Julian Assange.(AFP Photo / Anthony Devlin)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains the target of “a multi-subject investigation” by the FBI, new leaks have revealed. Assange has been unable to leave London’s Ecuadorian Embassy since June 2012 amid fears he will handed over to US jurisdiction.

Four years after the whistleblowing site was founded, the FBI still has “an active and ongoing” criminal case open against Assange, court papers leaked to Australian newspaper the Age have revealed.

According to documents filed with the US District Court in Washington, DC, the “main, multi-subject, criminal investigation of the [Department of Justice] and FBI remains open and pending" making it necessary "to withhold law enforcement records related to this civilian investigation.”

In addition, lawyers from the Justice Department told the Court that there “had been developments in the investigation over the last year.”

The US Department of Justice opened an investigation into the activities of WikiLeaks in 2010 following the arrest of Private Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning). The former intelligence analyst released a treasure trove of classified military documents to WikiLeaks while he was working in Iraq. Manning has since been charged under the Espionage Act and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Assange always maintained the US authorities were preparing a criminal case against him over WikiLeaks’ publication of classified government material. However, last November the Washington Post reported, citing US officials, that it was unlikely Assange would be charged under the Espionage Act because it would mean a number of US news organizations would also have to be prosecuted.

Officials said unlike former CIA contractor Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, Assange did not leak classified information, he merely published data that had already been disclosed on WikiLeaks.

Assange argues otherwise, maintaining there is a “99.97 percent chance” he will be indicted if he leaves the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The whistleblower was forced to take refuge in the embassy in June 2012 after a warrant for his extradition to Sweden was issued. Assange is wanted in the Scandinavian country for questioning over allegations of the rape and sexual assault of two women.

The WikiLeaks founder denies the accusations, claiming they are politically-motivated and that the Swedish authorities will hand him over to the Americans if he is extradited.

The London Metropolitan Police have so far shelled out 5.3 million pounds ($9 million) to keep the Ecuadorian Embassy guarded 24 hours a day since Assange took refuge there.

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fox bravo 08.06.2014 12:54

I think there enough good ordinary people who will rise up against the evil empire of the elitists who claim to be the US Government. The Tea Party is a good start and just maybe the goverment can yet be taken back into the hands of the ordinary people. The Wall Street Banks closed the "Media" networks switched off, all the guys and girls brought home. If you do not threaten then you will not be thretened. And the McCanns and other Cold War warriers put out to grass Peace not War is what we need,


fox bravo 08.06.2014 12:45

So the Yankee Goon Cops a.k.a FBI are after Assange. Dont think that will do them any good. Truth is he is not going to surrender to the Evil Empire which is Yankee-land any time soon. So this is just hot air and get rich quick for blabber mouth evil elite in the US.
Better spend their time helping to hunt down the vermin Al Quida and their Nigerial cohorts. FBI will never control or suppress freedom of speach.
England for the English; Yanks go home; EU out; EU scrapped. Then Assange and Snowdon work together (?) provide countermeasures to GCHQ/NSA/CSE etc.
Encrypt your data use OTPs not computers. if important.


Ogden Lafaye 08.06.2014 08:07

[quote name='rocky Fjord' time='20.05.2014 21:40']The criminalization of exposing information, or secrets, whatever. Most of us could not detail five things that Assange has revealed, but he is now wanted and hunted by the US government, in the hands of corporatists fascists and militarist defense contractors etc etc. Financialists, new world order, now old. Human beings are such creatures, victims of their own rationalisms.[/quote ]

THINK before it is illegal.

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