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Montenegro supports Russia sanctions in order to hasten EU accession

Published time: May 22, 2014 14:57
Reuters / Marko Djurica

Reuters / Marko Djurica

Montenegro supported the Western-led sanctions against Russia for the sake of quicker EU-integration and accession to NATO rather than as an anti-Russian move, the country’s president said.

"If we did not, if we’d been indifferent to the decisions [of imposing sanctions,] the path to the EU would definitely have been slowed, and the relationship with NATO, of course, would exclude the possibility of inviting [Montenegro to join NATO at a summit] in Wales," Filip Vujanovic said, referring to the 28-member Alliance’s meeting in September, where Montenegro is expected to be formally invited to join NATO.

Defending Montenegro’s position, Vujanovic stressed that if one wants to become a "part of the big family," then it must also share the opinions of those big states on important international issues.

"I think that Russia should understand. Russia is a big country and Montenegro has no influence on global processes. Russia must understand that Montenegro followed its interest to be part of the EU and NATO, in no way expressing an anti-Russian mood," he said.

On March 27, the Montenegrin government supported sanctions the EU imposed against Russia as a punitive measure for undermining Ukraine's "territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence" after Crimea voted in a referendum to rejoin Russia.

Montenegro then went forward and backed the second wave of sanctions next month when the EU expended its restrictions on April, 28, following the US’s decision.

In a more recent move, Montenegro supported the EU sanctions that targeting more Russian individuals. The restricted measure came the next day after areas of south-eastern Ukraine held controversial referendums on federalization on May 11.

Montenegro, with a population of just 600,000, has strong ties with Russia, on which it depends economically. According to the Russian embassy in Podgorica, as many 7,000 Russians are permanent residents, while 40 percent of real estate is owned by Russian citizens. Hundreds of thousands more come to Montenegro annually for holidays, thus adding significantly to the country’s GDP.

However, the situation with sanctions and Montenegro’s eagerness to join the NATO has soared relations between the two countries as Moscow sees possible accession to the alliance as a “hostile” move.

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Mare Adriaticum 31.05.2014 21:21

['Владимир Челекетић' ]...with such useless and ridiculous "state" as Montenegro.

if we are useless and ridiculous why your Serbia occupied us in 1918? Why Serbia tries to gain access to Medit. constantly trying to control,annex or assimilate Montenegrins for the past 100 years?
Why it worked so hard to stop our independence? Why Serbian president says he will never accept Montenegrin independence? What Serbian church is doing in Montenegro?

After separated from Serbia we got ahead of you in economy, EU integration, living standard, ...


Mare Adriaticum 28.05.2014 16:57

[quote name='Etel Ka' time='24.05.2014 09:54']Montenegrin morons can say goodbye to Russian tourists and Russian business

th at 's all what can do this little Montenegrin hole to Russia

[/qu ote]

M ontenegro is part of Mediterranian and Europe, so they did what very much resto of Europe did. Why would Montenegro support occupation of Ukraine.

Th ere is a free tourist market in the world. Everyone is free to choose. I hope that Russian tourists are free as well.

I hope that Russia can have friends in its neighbourhood not only enemies and servants. The role of Montenegro was misunderstood by some Russian officials.


Etel Ka 24.05.2014 09:54

Montenegrin morons can say goodbye to Russian tourists and Russian business

th at 's all what can do this little Montenegrin hole to Russia

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