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Hero kid: Son defends dad in Moscow road rage bout (VIDEO)

Published time: May 29, 2014 03:49
Edited time: May 29, 2014 04:51
Still from LifeNews video

Still from LifeNews video

Anything can happen on a Russian road but when a scuffle broke out between two drivers on Wednesday, unexpected help came from a little boy who bravely stood up to protect his dad. A witness video captured the hero kid ending the fight.

It all started when a white SUV collided with a sedan in northeast Moscow on Wednesday.

“We were taking a stroll with my family heading to Izmaylovsky Park. A grey sedan stopped and pulled the SUV to the curb. A man jumped out of the sedan, took out a bat from the trunk, and began threatening the driver of the SUV,” Sergey, a witness and author of the video, told LifeNews.

The two men then began to swear and push each other. The fight grew tense and the man wearing a tie began to strangle the man in the t-shirt.

But then the video shows a boy in a blue t-shirt launching into action in true Superman style – though he wasn't wearing red underpants.

Don’t touch my father!” he shouts. He then picks up the bat which the offender apparently dropped and attempts to tackle him with it. But the feeble attempt fails – the aggressive man in the suit takes away the bat and throws it on the ground.

The child then starts pushing the offender away from his father, standing between the two.

“Get off him!” cries the boy, running after the man advancing on his dad. The latter finally turns away and leaves as passersby call out to the adrenaline-ridden driver: “Hey you idiot, leave the kid alone! What are you doing?”

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Mike Waliser 29.05.2014 23:16

russian hillbilly's are so cute when they are little!


OKB 86 29.05.2014 18:14

This kid is the emblem of the Russian spirit.


Nemo1024 29.05.2014 10:24

sean 29.05.2014 08:20

Notwithstandi ng the bravery of the kid, why is it that most of these videos are filmed by idiots with no concept of not shaking the camera or pointing it down because they are looking for a better place to film. Thus, missing most of the action.


Wh y didn't the one filming interfere after having captured enough material and take good swing at the tie-wearing thug?

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