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'War is a plague': Donetsk students’ pacifist song leaves TV anchor in tears on air (VIDEO)

Published time: May 29, 2014 03:22
Edited time: May 30, 2014 12:12
Still from Donbass TV video

Still from Donbass TV video

A TV presenter was left in tears on air as students from a high school in Donetsk, Ukraine performed a song calling for peace in the region amid an intensified military offensive in the area.

The video of the broadcast has been posted on the YouTube account of Donbass TV channel and has so far gathered thousands of views.

The song was performed by ninth grade students as part of a school play. After showing the video in the newscast, the TV presenter could not hold back her emotions and began to tear up.

“Our central message is for people who are responsible for the violence, asking them to stop the chaos as soon as possible — so there would be peace and no more war. War is like а plague, it is everywhere, it needs to be eliminated,” Dmitry Vesov, one of the students signing in the video, told Donbass TV.

“Military operations are everywhere, blasts can be heard all the time. It is very scary for kids. Do we really have to see dead bodies in order to realize that we need to love and understand each other?” said Maria Severilova, another ninth grade student.

Kiev has intensified its military operation in southeastern Ukraine, increasing artillery strikes and bombings in the troubled regions.

On Wednesday, around 3,000 miners marched through the streets of Donetsk, protesting against Kiev's ongoing military operation in the country's east. The demonstrators, who then gathered at a central square for a rally, chanted “Fascism won’t pass!” and “Donbass will not forgive!”

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James Cameron 04.06.2014 01:47

Even more frightening, it may be Western strategists did not think through the likely consequence. Some people might have considered to important to spend $5bn of other people's money. The spending being more important.
Nuland might have thought giving out cookies would look good domestically. Hague may be a cold war fantasist who sensed an opportunity to look tough.

War is a plague.


James Cameron 04.06.2014 01:12

Aron3911 03.06.2014 23:14

It is done to provoke Russia to act.


I think that's the main reason behind elements in the West backing the coup and the military operation. I'm assuming they work through their stance.
If it is possible for Russia to refuse the bait, the debt ridden West will have to pay for Ukraine.


Aron3911 03.06.2014 23:14

This war scenario was prepared and paid by US. US should be fully responsible for deaths and suffering of people in Donetzk and Lugansk. Their shameless destructive politics is seen everywhere throughout the world. It is done to provoke Russia to act. And at certain point Russia will act.

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