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Sleeping drunks on streets of Japan turned into human billboards (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Published time: May 31, 2014 18:16
Edited time: June 01, 2014 20:10
Still from YouTube video/Yaocho Bar Group

Still from YouTube video/Yaocho Bar Group

Sleeping drunks on the streets of Japan have been turned into human billboards in a campaign against excessive drinking launched by a local bar chain.

After a stressful week, Friday and Saturday are the days when hard-working Japanese men and women “let their hair down” by taking part in post-work 'drinking until you drop,' says Yaocho Bar Group, which launched the alcohol awareness campaign.

Combined with a low alcohol tolerance common among the Asian population, consequences of the wild weekend partying can be less than ideal.

During weekend nights, thousands of people can be found sleeping on the streets after having too much to drink. This is considered normal behavior in Tokyo, according to the popular bar chain.

“So we decided to address the issue,” Yaocho Bar Group said.

Armed with duct tape and several printed sheets of cardboard, they made impromptu advertisements on the most popular and crowded streets of the capital.

Video of the campaign - created by Ogilvy & Mather together with Geometry Global - shows heavy drinkers passed out in the streets being turned into human billboards.

The campaign encourages people to take photographs of the sleeping drunks and upload them to social networks with the hashtag #nomisugi (“too drunk”).

“As honor is paramount in Japanese society, we shamed people into drinking moderately or risk becoming our next Sleeping Drunk Billboard,” the campaigners say.

The heavy drinking phenomenon has been addressed by Japanese media in recent years. Meanwhile, photos of intoxicated office workers are popular on social networks, with separate pages dedicated to the issue. For example, a Facebook page called “I Love 'Salaryman' in TOKYO” has various photos of suit-wearing professional men passed out in various locations including streets, trains, bus stops, metro stations, and other public places.

Comments (17)


Bergenlaufer 02.06.2014 01:03

I understand Radica's comment. People drive themselves too hard, especially in Japan and the USA. Getting off the wheel of work slavery is an important goal.
On the other hand, I wonder about the hypocrisy of a bar conglomerate supporting the shaming of the individual drunks, while the bars themselves profit from selling them TOO MUCH ALCOHOL. Maybe they should put signs around the bars saying "got people drunk for profit."


Kristina Johnson 01.06.2014 22:21

Not the brightest idea...lots of drunks don't care, you cannot tell who it is...moreover, lots of people will end up fake drunk trying to become a billboard...

People are kinda stupid with these sort of things...


Rodica Manole 01.06.2014 04:18

People are still working too much in the 21st century - to ensure WHAT? The utopy of "continuing growth" which practicly depletes not only the workers but the entire planet.

I know how it feels to be trapped in the rat-wheeI of a big business. That's why I feel sorry for those poor drunks. They are just trying to cope with the stress.

Putting them on a wall of shame is just a cruel advertising strategy for the local bars.

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