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Hubble telescope catches violent birth of a star

Published time: June 02, 2014 21:40
image from

image from

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of an infant star shining clearly within a dissipating cloud of gas and dust, NASA has announced.

The young star, which scientists say was born just before the picture was taken, has been given the name URAS 14568-6304. It is located an estimated 2,280 light years away from Earth and stretches across a staggering 180 light years. The picture has attracted much attention, in part because it has a protostellar jet beneath it – a tail-like formation of gas and dust left over from the area where the star emerged from.

The star’s gravitational field also pulls material into the star, creating a dark region visible in the NASA picture.

This dark region is known as the Circinus molecular cloud,” NASA explained in a statement. “This cloud has a mass of around 250,000 times that of the sun, and it is filled with gas, dust and young stars. Within this cloud lie two prominent and enormous regions known colloquially to astronomers as Circinus-West and Circinus-East. Each of these clumps has a mass of around 5,000 times that of the sun, making them the most prominent star-forming sites in the Circinus cloud.”

NASA believes the latest discovery will help scientists piece together additional clues regarding the phenomenon of stellar formations.

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Anna Vinogradova 06.06.2014 21:14

Dear, RT.
First of all, it's "IRAS 14568-6304", not "URAS 14568-6304."
Second, the young star is 180 l.y. across???? Please, check your sources, calculations, units, etc... The largest star known to date is a fraction of a light year across, so 180 l.y. is a crazy talk. :)



Ian Kouf 04.06.2014 08:24

Better question: If the universe formed from an explosion and is expanding, how are there blue shifting objects....


Colin Shorey 03.06.2014 11:04

Oh yes,back to the discovery.Keep me posted on confirmation and suggest some basic physics refresher is required.
I feel even better now and will go and tell my grandson.Cheers

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