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Major explosion, fire at Shell plant in the Netherlands (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: June 03, 2014 21:56
Edited time: June 05, 2014 15:19
Photo from user ‏@IlseAngel

Photo from user ‏@IlseAngel

A massive explosion, seen from miles away, has occurred at a Shell production plant in Moerdijk, Netherlands.

Two “enormously loud bangs” were reported by bystanders. There are currently no plans to evacuate the area around the factory, Omroep Brabant reports.

Fire crews are currently working at the scene. The fire is "manageable" but not yet contained, according to the Central and West-Brabant Safety Region.

All personnel are accounted for, according to Shell, but several people suffered minor injuries.

It is not yet known exactly what chemical caused the fire but it may be ethylbenzene or methylbenzene, according to local media.

The fire started during a shift change, according to Marieke van Wijk of the Safety Mid and West Brabant.

"The blaze is pretty intense," said van Wijk.

A Shell spokesman on the way to Moerdijk told BBC there were two priorities for the company: ensure the safety of the people and minimize environmental damage as a result of the explostion.

It not the first time a blaze has engulfed the industrial park in Moerdijk. Back in 2011, a fire broke out at Chemiepack, which handles hazardous chemicals, on the opposite end of the same industrial park, completely razing the facilities.

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Dimitri Smotrov 06.06.2014 22:28

Why is Rt not reporting on the involvement of Shell, Chevron, Exxon and a whole bunch of other companies int the Ukrainian conflict??? It's already known that Shell is looking forward to executing a B$50 contract in EASTERN Ukraine.


Russian Bear 04.06.2014 17:15

Russia strikes back at NATO? Just a “conspiracy” theory, but is it really just a coincidence that a similar incident occurred to Russia's Oil and gas infrastructure at the same time Crimea was busy returning home to Russia.

Recent terrorism in China closely followed the Chinese support for Russia in the UN and the increasing cooperation between the two Nations. Just connect the dots!


Malcolm Donald 04.06.2014 08:50

Appears to be a similar incident to that at Bunsfield storage depot in the UK some seven years ago. Overspill from a storage tank led to a car ignition spark setting off a vapour explosion

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