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Three inmates escape Canadian prison in helicopter

Published time: June 08, 2014 03:59
Edited time: June 09, 2014 22:44
Photo from user @Guillaume_Dumas

Photo from user @Guillaume_Dumas

Canadian police are looking for three inmates who made a daring escape from jail by helicopter – a second such jailbreak in Quebec province in less than two years.

The fugitives escaped at 19:45 local time from Orsainville detention center where they were waiting to stand trial. Law enforcements identified the fugitives as Yves Denis, Denis Lefebvre and Serge Pomerleau. All were detained in 2010 as part of a massive trafficking investigation that led to the arrest of dozens of people.

Sgt. Audrey-Anne Bilodeau, a spokesperson for the Surete du Quebec, said police are looking for a green helicopter with red and white markings that allegedly landed in the detention center.

She claimed that authorities believe that a lone pilot was aboard the chopper when it arrived at the prison. “There is a massive manhunt going on to try to locate them,” she said.

Airports are on high alert for any sign of the aircraft. Military is aiding the search.

Provincial police said the helicopter carrying the fugitives was seen heading west from the detention center, presumably towards Montreal. Local residents were advised to call police if they come into contact with the prisoners and not approach them.

It is the second helicopter-assisted jailbreak in Quebec in just over a year. Last March a pilot at gunpoint was forced to fly a helicopter to pick two inmates at St-Jerome prison. The two escapees and the two suspects who hijacked the aircraft were apprehended by police within a few hours of the escape.

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Bad Santa 10.06.2014 07:46

Good for them. Hope they will never be found.


goat-on-a-stick 09.06.2014 07:10

Do they not have radar in Canada?


Mark Donners 08.06.2014 21:58

Now what happens when you start an Auschwitz style bloodbath of the seal populations for Canadian immoral greed by a group of East Coast thugs hoping to profit from their buddies in Communist China (Even China has refused Canada's blood trade and slapped Canada in the face, Canada's immorality and criminality being even too much for them)? The fish populations NEVER recover. Which means that you and your thugs are even a traitor to your own East fishermen you CLAIM to be defending. There is no worse human beings on Earth than Harper and his vicious supporters.

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