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#NotGoingToBrazil hits Twitter as Rousseff slams ‘campaign against World Cup’

Published time: June 08, 2014 12:29
Edited time: June 08, 2014 14:49
A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask holds a Brazilian national flag during clashes in downtown Rio de Janeiro and Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff (AFP Photo / Christophe Simon, AFP Photo / Evaristo Sa)

A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask holds a Brazilian national flag during clashes in downtown Rio de Janeiro and Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff (AFP Photo / Christophe Simon, AFP Photo / Evaristo Sa)

The recent protests against this month’s FIFA World Cup have spread to Twitter with the hashtag "I am not going to Brazil because…" Brazil’s president has slammed the protest as a campaign against FIFA and her party.

"Today, there is a systematic campaign against the World Cup – or rather, it is not against the World Cup but rather a systematic campaign against us," President Dilma Rousseff said in the southern city of Porto Alegre, AFP reported.

Rousseff said those behind the mass demonstrations are only exploiting the moment to undermine her centrist Workers Party (PT) ahead of the general elections scheduled for October 5. She did not say who is behind the campaign.

Even in the days when the likes of Pele were leading Brazil to glory, "we did not confuse the World Cup with politics," she said.

Rousseff said that criticism toward Brazilian authorities’ spending on the World Cup was "disinformation," saying the modernized airports and transport infrastructure will benefit Brazil in future.


‘Need food, not football’: Read more on Brazilian graffiti art which shows outrage over World Cup

On Thursday, the hashtag #NoVoyABrasilPorque ("I am not going to Brazil because...") appeared on Twitter to protest the World Cup. First introduced in Colombia, it quickly went viral worldwide.

“Poverty that exists in this country demonstrates that it is not worth supporting the World Cup," tweeted user @santiagojuva in a typical comment.

The hashtag is mostly used by people or human rights organizations in Latin America and Spain who wanted to protest treatment of the poor during preparations for the competition.

“I [love] football. I [do not love] the World Cup of Inequality Brazil 2014" InspirAction is a Spanish human rights foundation, published a poster on its twitter.

Thousands of Brazilians protest government spending on World Cup

The protests take issue with the billions of dollars the Brazilian authorities have spent preparing the country for the competition. The demonstrators claim the money could have been better spent on building low-income housing to provide thousands of homeless Brazilians with a place to live.

On Wednesday, Sao Paulo’s subway workers declared an indefinite strike against government policies. Union leaders have demanded a pay rise for metro workers, who receive a starting salary of $582 a month.

Also on Wednesday, around 12,000 of the Homeless Workers Movement marched on Sao Paulo’s Corinthians stadium. The protest, dubbed "World Cup without the people, I'm in the street again," was peaceful, but the organizers have promised to escalate their actions if the government does not listen to their demands.

However, not everyone in the country is willing to rally against the soccer tournament. Some people in Sao Paulo, one of Brazil’s biggest cities, have come out on protests against both politicians and striking subway workers.

"It's not the Cup that's messing up the country. It's been like this since Don Pedro [Alvares Cabral, discoverer of Brazil in 1500] arrived," Carlos Alberto Torres, 63, a retired administrator of Rio de Janeiro's Sugar Loaf mountain, told AFP. "Someone is always robbing the country."

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Ed Camilo 03.07.2014 14:44

Build it and they will come! Good job Brazil. keep renovating and building new infrastructures and employing people. The workers will soon be building more Hospitals, Universities, Hotels, Apartments, Houses, airports, ports, roads, highways,train stations, metro subways, tourist camps, museums, entertainment parks, movie theaters,restaurants , health clubs,research labs, day care centers, etc etc, The enemies can only look with envy as our great Brasil progresses into a bright and wonderful future. Fora com os agentes da CIA e reaccionários ! Long Live Dilma


Ed Camilo 03.07.2014 14:31

Way back in the 1960's Just when Brazil was about to embrace Democracy, the CIA instigated a coup and the democratically elected government was deposed and the fascists took over and robbed the daylight out of the people. Today Brazil is finally a fairly democratic nation but the same CIA is again in the shadows trying to once again bring it under its control. The so called demonstrators are being manipulated by the fascist CIA!


Friedrich Bellermann 27.06.2014 10:33

I AM in Brazil and enjoying the cup. I even went to a game (US - Ghana in Natal) Having said that, I am here more for the beautiful country and its great people.
Dilma and her clique are just a different group of elitists exploiting the country.
The new Natal airport, besides not being finished, was totally unnecessary. The old one is more than adequate and could have (should have) been renovated at a fraction of the cost.
The brand new stadium will serve a tier 2 provincial team, drawing a few thousand at most. Rust is already peaking through the cracks.

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