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Lightning hits truck with passengers in Canada (FREAKY VIDEO LIST)

Published time: June 08, 2014 18:53
Edited time: June 09, 2014 13:46
Reuters / STR

Reuters / STR

A surveillance video has caught a freak moment of a truck turning into a fireball as it gets hit by a lighting while on a road in Canada. Watch this and other shocking videos of recent devastating lighting strikes.

Miraculously the elderly Canadian couple inside the car survived, though the strike was so strong that it melted parts of their pickup truck, trapping them inside. Door and windows were locked as the electrics malfunctioned, while smoke started to fill the car.

In the US, lightning is one of the leading weather-related causes of death and injury. The odds of becoming a lightning victim in the US in any one year is 1 in 700,000.

This is why hiding under a tree during lightning storm is a bad idea. A surveillance camera in Saratoga Springs, New York, caught a lightning bolt splitting a whole tree into woodchips.

A Polish lorry driver was lucky to survive a lightning strike. A giant discharge of electricity hit his vehicle on a busy highway. The lightning spark can reach over eight kilometers.

The lightning can strike you even when the storm is 10 miles away and the sky is clear. Walking under trees during lightning storm may also be dangerous.

Storm chaser Scott Sheppard was shooting a video when lightning hit his arm. The force of the strike blew a hole in the pavement. This video went viral with nearly 2 million views on YouTube!

This man was brave enough to sail his boat in a storm. Here is his bone chilling experience.

This looks both stunning and scary. A Tokyo resident captured this dramatic moment of a commuter train struck by lightning.

Huge lightning fireball caught on camera as it hits a power line.

Looks like a fake, but just check out the hole in the road way (But hey, think what it would be like if it were real!)

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Vic Matthews 25.06.2014 13:02

what province in Canada ?


WorkTogether 14.06.2014 15:33

[quote name='Theon Lyreal II' time='08.06.2014 21:16']By the way, Helmut, "lightening& ;amp;quo t; is what happens in the morning when it gets lighter. Electrical discharges from the sky are 'lightning'.
[/q uote]

We all comprehend what Helmut meant! Skip the grammar lesson, not needed here! Could you answer Helmut in fluent, grammatically correct German, I wonder ...


Juraj Duržo 09.06.2014 09:38

"Check out this hole in the pavement! (Is that even real?) " - of corse it's NOT real. It's CGI. I am surprised that RT integrated this awkward video into his collection.

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