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Gunmen attack Karachi Airport security training facility in second assault

Published time: June 10, 2014 08:06
Edited time: June 10, 2014 09:50
Paramilitary soldiers patrol outside Jinnah International Airport in Karachi June 9, 2014.(Reuters / Athar Hussain)

Paramilitary soldiers patrol outside Jinnah International Airport in Karachi June 9, 2014.(Reuters / Athar Hussain)

Pakistani officials say a checkpoint at Karachi Airport was under attack by two gunmen on motorcycle after another large assault earlier this week. The facility is now closed, all flights have been canceled.

Blasts, gunshots, fatalities as Taliban storm Pakistan's largest airport

"The ASF academy is under attack. There is gunfire. The extent of the damage is not clear," a senior official at the Federal Investigation Agency told Reuters.

It was unclear who was firing at whom.

The checkpoint is 500 meters from the main entrance to the airport.

Ambulances have been seen rushing to the scene, a witness told Reuters.

"Flights at Karachi Airport have been suspended until further notice," the spokesman for Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority told Reuters by telephone.

Pakistan's army said that it had deployed troops to boost security forces trying to protect military academy in the airport’s precinct.

"Army troops [have been] moved to reinforce security forces to counter [the] terrorist attack on ASF (Airport Security Forces)," the army's press wing said.

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michael 10.06.2014 17:34

the taleban only intended to fly in holidays to bali, but the security forces provoked them, or so...:-)


Hansel 10.06.2014 11:53

Deen Ahmed 10.06.2014 08:40

Airports are an easy target. Population have access and these militant-terrorists can target them easily.


That is the problem with Terrorists. (no matter who they are). They only attack civilians or the indefensive...instea d of having the B@lls and getting the ones that are responsible e.g. politicians, corporate thieves, Banksters etc....the f@cking cowards let those suffer for whom nobody really cares...


toolate.itsinthesystemnow 10.06.2014 09:49

Bombing the Taliban will never beat them into submission. They are Nomads, they can survive any where. Their training gives them all they need to survive in the harshest of conditions. They could even survive living in desolate places in the US. e.g. Texas, Arizona. etc. In the US recently. They carried out a mock attack by terrorists on a nuclear facility. Guess what the terrorists won. The worrying thing is that it will happen. All this American B/S about they will protect you. Rubbish...Blackman President O'bananna. He speak with forked tongue. Habitual lying b/s is in their Yankee Persona. Ask the Native Indians

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