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Free pot for a year: Canadian website launches ‘get happy’ contest

Published time: June 11, 2014 10:07
Edited time: June 13, 2014 10:12
Reuters / Mark Blinch

Reuters / Mark Blinch

A Canadian website is offering a year’s supply of medical marijuana as part of an awareness campaign. The ‘Get Happy Canada’ contest is open to all Canadians with a valid marijuana prescription and will provide the winner with up to a gram a day.

“We recognize that not everyone can afford the medicine he or she needs,” says non-profit organization Lift on its website. For this reason the organization has launched a nationwide competition for a year’s supply of marijuana.

Although having a prescription for medical marijuana is not a prerequisite for entering the competition, the winner will be required to obtain a valid under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

Lift also stresses they will not be supplying the winner with marijuana directly, instead they will order and pay for up to one gram a day from one of Canada’s Licensed producers. The contest is aimed at raising awareness of Canada’s federal medical marijuana program, MMPR.

Under the new legislation, patients are required to order their medical marijuana from licensed sellers and producers. Lift argues that these recent changes in the law have led to “confusion and misinformation” amongst consumers.

“Our goal at Lift is to promote the production and consumption of high quality and ethical Canadian marijuana offered at affordable prices to Canadians,” states Lift on its website. “We want Canada to set an example for the rest of the world; to show them how marijuana can change lives and transform economies.”

Canada made significant changes in the rules regulating medical marijuana on April 1 of this year. The new legislation made it illegal for citizens to cultivate marijuana, forcing them to destroy their crops and notify authorities of exactly how many plants they eliminated.

Currently only licensed producers are authorized to cultivate marijuana, and Health Canada has thus far imposed no limit on the amount of sanctioned indoor weed farms.

Health Canada says that it does not advocate the use of marijuana, it is merely doing its best to protect the public “while providing reasonable access to marijuana for medical purposes.”

Comments (17)


johnny Uppal 14.06.2014 12:15

Hmm ! Did plan to open a "medicinal" ; purpose farm in Prince Edward Island .. birthplace of Canada till it got heavy man ! like the Financial Crisis hit me where the sun don't shine ! But i think everyone should be aware that this stuff is just as bad as Kentucky Fried know it only takes one bite of a Popcorn Chicken Nugget and your hooked !
But as always you can claim that it was your "mates" who got you started .... like they have said " go on Johnny it will not be so bad ... go on ...have a bit ... just start with the french fry's"... RIP Rick Mayal


Carmen 14.06.2014 05:20

Shpakova is a willfully ignorant bigoted fool who is best ignored.

Th ere are MANY other ways of using cannabis without burning plant material, such as vaporizing either weed or BHO which leaves behind all the plant material and only extracts the volitile cannabinoids such as THC. Furthermore, cannabis and cannabis extracts can be eaten in any sort of food and there is a huge variety of products containing cannabis such as cookies, brownies, medicated candies of various sorts, and even a medicated soda.

Cannabis saved me from the misery of constant nausea and sporadic violient vomiting spells due to a chemo drug..


Mark Lloyd 14.06.2014 00:31

1. Studies showed decades ago that isolated THC fails to produce the benefits of the whole plant, which contains some 50 terpenes having various effects.
2. A multi-year study at USC involving several thousand chronic pot smokers found pot had no increased risk, even some protective effect, against heart and lung disease.
3. Impairment from pot is minor compared to alcohol. Pot smokers are more likely to drive slowly or pull off the road than get in an accident.
4. Decreased work performance. There is no evidence of this.
5. The public school argument is not a criticism of pot but of the US tax structure.

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