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Electronic war games blamed for jets vanishing off radars in Europe

Published time: June 14, 2014 03:49
Edited time: June 16, 2014 11:40
Reuters / Jason Reed

Reuters / Jason Reed

Electronic military exercises were to blame for the mysterious disappearance of dozens of planes from air-traffic control screens in the heart of Europe, Slovak authorities have said.

About 50 planes temporarily disappeared from radars in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia between June 5 and June 10, Austria's flight safety monitor said.

German and Czech air traffic control also reported brief disappearances.

Slovakia blamed the outages on planned military exercises.

"The disappearance of objects on radar screens was connected with a planned military exercise which took place in various parts of Europe...whose goal was the interruption of radio communication frequencies," the Slovak air traffic services said in a statement.

"This activity also caused the temporary disappearance of several targets on the radar display, while in the meantime the planes were in radio contact with air traffic controllers and continued in their flight normally.”

Right after the problem with the radars was detected, the organizing party was made aware and the exercises were stopped, Slovakia's air traffic services added.

Slovakia did not mention a military force involved in the exercises, but Austrian media pointed towards NATO.

Austrian daily Kurier reported on June 7 that the first disappearance problems coincided with NATO conducting electronic warfare exercises in Hungary.

During the exercises NATO was reportedly using devices that can interfere with enemy radar, according to the Telegraph.

German air traffic control stated that it is trying to identify the cause of the outages.

"Planes disappeared from screens for a matter of seconds, here and there. The outages were sporadic and not grave...It must have been an external source of disruption,” a spokesperson said.

Authorities said the outages did not pose any serious threat.

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Jussi Järvinen 03.07.2014 10:07

Malaysia 370 disappeared from commercial radar on March 8, 2014.It was a radar FAILURE. Then an LAX ground stop was forced on April 30, when the radar system was so discombobulated that the computer system choked with error messages.The latest incident,50 planes disappeared from radar over Austria,Germany,the Czech and Slovakia on June 5 and 10. All radar outages over these days occurred from 2:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Note this time. Note also that all affected countries lie along the Danube,Euro stretch zone and as a river basin is the weakest point between mountains.This land was pulling apart, thus the electronic screech


mrstaple70 18.06.2014 06:36

May I speculate Missing flight from Malaysia..Technician 's on board Working on cloaking devices for military..Also on board Cargo. I Think 2 Tonns...Well They are testing?


ᏐᎢ ᏴᏝᏫᏁᎠ #Manning 17.06.2014 08:11

Why is this shocking news? Disgusting yes, shocking...not to me it isn´t. And here is a thought, what if this is exactly what USA did to planes during 9/11? What if this is what was used as excuse to make even more money off of war? What if they were actually remote controlled as well? That thought is not as shocking after this is presented to the public is it? Its not just NATO citizens on those planes, it´s innocent people from all over the planet travelling on the planes that disappeared and its dispicable. Military planes were not effected by this game of death NATO plays on civilians.

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