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Russian journalist injured during shelling in E. Ukraine

Published time: June 17, 2014 10:15
Edited time: June 17, 2014 12:33
Militia men of the Lugansk People's Republic on the outskirts of Lugansk after the artillery shelling of the village of Metallist (RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov)

Militia men of the Lugansk People's Republic on the outskirts of Lugansk after the artillery shelling of the village of Metallist (RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov)

A correspondent for Russia’s Rossiya channel was injured while reporting out of the Mirny village near Lugansk, in eastern Ukraine. The incident reportedly took place when the Ukrainian military shelled the area, according to Lugansk self-defense forces.

“We can confirm that he (Igor Kornelyuk) has been wounded, but there is no information as to the degree of his injuries at this time,” a Rossiya TV channel spokesman told RIA Novosti news agency.

Local anti-government forces say the correspondent “is in serious condition at the hospital after the mortar shelling of Mirny.”

The Rossiya correspondent’s cameraman was not injured in the attack.

The channel has issued a statement saying “the cameraman is alive. He has not been wounded and is alright.”

A local resident who witnessed the shelling said that a mine had apparently detonated right next to a group of journalists, of which the Rossiya crew was a part.

“Our hospital is receiving many wounded as the shelling continues,” a local doctor told RT over the phone.

He then confirmed two fatalities, but did not specify who they were.

The shelling, which has continued unabated, started in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Later that day, a Ukrainian armored column tried to enter Mirny, but was repelled by local self-defense forces.

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Emmett 17.06.2014 21:46

oppose-zionism 17.06.2014 10:57

The Ukraine will get what it deserves.


Ma y the family and friends of the Igor Komelyuk find peace and comfort in God. Another martyr killed by US.

Ukraine and especially US, EU and NATO (global crime syndicate) which brought death, destruction and misery with them to Ukraine for their own selfish reasons of greed and a land and power grab. Hopefully the day of reckoning is not far off for.

People all over the world are just cannon fodder for the global crime syndicate.


sagbotgamot 17.06.2014 11:55

Inocencio Braga 17.06.2014 10:26

Kremlin propaganda Employee was injured, so should be the title of the news.


Inocencio Braga sounds filipino to me, like me. most of us filipinos worship america and considers every american president as god. russia represents the devil. we always think russians are atheists. nothings comes out good from Russia. thanks to a very effective american brainwashing technique since Spain sold the country to the USA for $20 million.


Mark 17.06.2014 11:30

He dead the death of martyr. It is a high time millions of Russians rise up and prepare for the mortal battle against the neo fascists and their Western sponsors.

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