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Number of disabled surging in NZ – survey

Published time: June 17, 2014 16:24
Reuters / Nir Elias

Reuters / Nir Elias

A quarter of New Zealand is suffering disabilities on account of the country’s aging population.

The figure came from the New Zealand Disability Survey released on Tuesday by Statistics New Zealand. The figure had shot up from 20 percent in 2001.

“This group has a higher likelihood of being disabled than younger adults or children,” said Statistics NZ labor market and household statistics manager Diane Ramsay.

Ramsay suggested that the aging population of New Zealand was responsible for the net increase in disabilities.

In 2002, some 12 percent of the population was over the age of 65, while 14.3 percent had passed that age in 2013.

59 percent of the disabled were over the age of 65, while 21 percent were under 65 and 11 percent were children under 15. Among children, the most pervasive causes of disability were those which had existed from birth. A learning disability affected 52% of disabled children.

The survey also recognized that “Māori people were more likely to be disabled than non-Māori.” Additionally, the rate varied from region to region. Auckland reported a lower-than-average rate – 19 percent.

“Two in 10 people in the Auckland region were limited in their daily lives by long-term impairment, compared with 3 in 10 people living in the Taranaki and Northland regions,”
Ramsay said.

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VladTheImpaler 17.06.2014 23:46

Remember, a population can only be aging if the rate of people becoming old is greater than the rate of people being born. This means that an aging population must be one where more people are closer to death than they are to birth. Old people are more prone to disabling injuries than the young, so it is no mystery that the disability rate will rise in a declining population. Take a cue from my ancestors: Use your noodle, and when you do mark the occasion by finding a feather. Once you have the feather, stick it in your cap and call it macaroni.


VladTheImpaler 17.06.2014 23:07

Contrary to the alarmist overpopulation nonsense that has been used to alarm us since the 70s, the fertility rate in industrialized countries has been below the replacement rate for quite some time. If I remember correctly, Russia lost 6% of her population between 2000-2010, even accounting for emigration. The population decline in Eastern Europe has been even greater. The only places where the fertility rate is high are the ones that also have a high death rate. So this story comes as absolutely no surprise, since a population can only be aging if it is shrinking.


Jak Jones 17.06.2014 23:01

soccer fans worst behaved by far. why? its so boring the crowds get frustrated. rugby rules

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