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Chinese tycoon to feed 1,000 poor Americans in charity dinner

Published time: June 18, 2014 17:27
Edited time: June 19, 2014 15:15
Chinese businessman and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao (Reuters / Mike Segar)

Chinese businessman and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao (Reuters / Mike Segar)

China’s recycling tycoon Chen Guangbiao placed ads in the US media inviting one thousand poor Americans for a dinner worth $1 million in New York on June 25. The philanthropist also said that he will give out US$300 to each guest after the meal.

The billionaire placed a full-page advertisement in Monday’s New York Times and a half-page advertisement in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, the South China Post reported.

The ad in Chinese and English, designed by Chen himself, said that the event will be held on June 25 at the Loeb Boathouse Central Park in New York.

The eccentric tycoon said that he wanted to send a message to Americans that rich Chinese are “not all crazy spenders on luxury goods,” as cited by the South China Post.

“At the same time, there are many wealthy Chinese billionaires but most of them gained their wealth from market speculation and colluding with government officials while destroying the environment,” Chen said. “I can’t bear the sight of it, because all they do is splurge on luxury goods, gambling and prostitution and very few of them sincerely live up their social responsibility.”

The entrepreneur elaborated that he wanted to stimulate the rich to do good.

“I believe [people’s perceptions] will change. Many of my friends in the US responded very positively after the ad was published,” Chen said.

The man whose fortune was estimate by Forbes to be over $400 million added that the campaign will help improve US-China ties.

“US philanthropists donated to China’s disasters; why can’t we help the poor in the US? It will also improve Sino-US ties.”

Chen also told Chinese media that he will sing ‘We are the world’ in English at the event. This is not the first time the philanthropist is to exercises his vocal skills. In January he performed a song “My Chinese Dream”- composed by himself- at a press conference in New York, where he announced his intention to buy a $1 billion stake in the New York Times CO.

However the secret negotiations on the deal, for the purpose of which he traveled to the Big Apple, were allegedly spooked by his premature announcement and media attention.

Among other eye-catching campaigns, the recycling entrepreneur and philanthropist tried to cope with heavy air pollution by selling canned air in Beijing and Shanghai in 2013.

The air was allegedly collected from revolutionary regions and bottled in soft drink cans for about 5 Chinese Yuan ($0.80) a pop. The can reportedly came in a variety of flavors, including "pristine Tibet" and "post-industrial Taiwan."

ARCHIVE PHOTO: Chinese multimillionaire Chen Guangbiao (R) gives a can of fresh air to a man wearing a mask on a hazy day in central Beijing, January 30, 2013 (Reuters / Barry Huang)

"Chen said he wanted to make a point that China's air was turning so bad that the idea of bottled fresh air was no longer fanciful," explained the Sydney Morning Herald.

However in his home country Chen is well known and respected for personally rescuing 13 people and donating millions to the relief effort in the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake that killed over killed 69,000 people while more than 18 000 went missing.

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ya lu 23.06.2014 16:15

what he do this is for affect more people to do the charitable.


hb 20.06.2014 08:21

Dear Mr. Guangbiao,
Pover ty is a multi-faceted issue. There is not one cure-all. People involved with NGO's say that you just can't throw money at it from the outside. I am excited that you are going to INVITE some poor to EAT WITH YOU. This is a great start. I hope that you get to spend some time talking with them. I would hope that you could get out of the hotel and maybe start going to a soup kitchen once a week, serving and talking with people. Then, slowly, the ideas will come, from them and from you. Best wishes to all of you.
Sincerely, hb


Occams Razor 20.06.2014 03:18

Obama Phone Trick Rebadged. He probably just bought the deed notes on NYC and is the new proxy govenor. Open purse tactics gain lots of support to start, then things change later. There is no such thing as a free lunch. This gesture will be leveraged somehow someway. You don't become a tycoon by being an honest man.

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