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UK scrambles jets to intercept Russian planes in intl airspace over Baltic

Published time: June 18, 2014 18:12
Edited time: June 20, 2014 15:37
Royal Air Force Typhoons (Photo from

Royal Air Force Typhoons (Photo from

Typhoon fighter jets from the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) were launched to intercept a number of Russian aircraft which were carrying out a routine training mission, as part of NATO’s ongoing mission to police Baltic airspace.

On Tuesday the British jets identified a number of Russian aircraft, including four Sukhoi Su27 fighters, a Tupolev 22 bomber, a Beriev A50 early warning aircraft and an Antonov An26 transport aircraft, the RAF reported.

The Russian aircraft appeared to be carrying out routine training.

Wing Commander Ian Townsend said that this was also a routine deployment for his aircraft.

“We regularly intercept Russian and civilian aircraft from UK Quick Reaction Alert and so this type of mission is core business for us and exactly what we were sent to the Baltic region by NATO to do,” he said as quoted by the Royal Air Force website.

Flight Lieutenant Mark Long, one of the pilots of the Typhoons also remarked that there was nothing unusual about the interception.

“Todays’ interception of the Russian Flankers [SU27 fighters] is all in a day’s work for an RAF fighter pilot,” he said.

The increased military activity in the Baltic region comes after 10 NATO countries launched Sabre Strike, along with Baltic Host 2014 and Baltops 2014 naval drills. Up to 4,700 troops and 800 military vehicles are taking part.

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In response, Russia, which sees NATO as a threat, ordered military exercise in the Kaliningrad region, which are comparable in size to the NATO war games.

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kelv1n 10.08.2014 00:57

Ari Lindberg 08.08.2014 11:31

The Royal Air Force is a joke....they "won" the Battle Of Britain only because Germany decided to attack Russia..So, they did not really won..the Germans stopped the attacks because of the attack on Russia


tsk.. Predators tend to target the weak!

Witho ut the US, British and Commonwealth support for shipping of supplies and arms, Russia would have fallen. But likewise, without Russia then Britain would have fallen.

Get over it already!


eric bi 08.08.2014 06:20

Russia off the baltics...forever


Paul Lowe 21.06.2014 21:37

This situation does not worry me- professionals from
different sides of Europe engage in a face-off/photo
o pportunity. War will not break-out. What does worry
is the unmitigated tripe we in Britain have had to endure over the wizard wheeze of getting re-involved
in the nightmare slime-pit which is (and always will be)
Iraq. War will break out and it'll be a pointless waste
of time and life.

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