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Dubious dubbie! World's first e-joint... that doesn’t get you high

Published time: June 24, 2014 16:30
image from Facebook by E-Njoint

image from Facebook by E-Njoint

A Dutch company has introduced the world’s first electronic joint, though some are asking what connection the e-dubbie has to do with weed apart from its well-positioned and timely brand.

Shaped like a typical joint with a green cannabis leaf lighting up through a chrome-plated tip every time you take a toke, it certainly has the look of pot paraphernalia.

But the fake “100 percent legal” joints don’t contain THC – the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Rather, they vaporize so-called 'safe components,' such as natural Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and “100 percent biological flavor,” into water vapor.

The product costs around $12 and comes in six different flavors, including green apple, passion fruit, red cherry and watermelon.

They also hope to release other, more advanced joints in the future. There is a 100 percent THC-free rechargeable joint in the works, a dry herb/wax vaporizer, and as the world is gripped with football fever, a World Cup joint that comes in orange/apple flavor.

“Holland is well known in the world for its tolerant and liberal attitude toward soft drugs, and the introduction of this new product clearly makes a statement,” said Menno Contant, the CEO of E-Njoint BV., which is making 10,000 E-Njoints a day out of its manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China. “As long as you don’t bother or disturb other people and stay within the legal boundaries, all is well.”

He added: "Everyone should feel fine, because what we are doing is no crime."

In a promotional video posted on YouTube, however, some commenters were asking a question on everyone’s mind: without THC, what’s the point?

Responding to one user, E-Njoint stated “our products are made for fun, but not to get you high.” Our products does [sic] not contain cannabis, but we are working on a cannabis flavor...”

When pressed on what was fun about smoking chemicals which don’t have a psychoactive affect, the Delft-based company replied: “The purpose is to enjoy a fun product with 6 great flavors without cannabis, nicotine or tobacco... Just like you would enjoy a sisha or a regular waterpipe!”

On the firm’s Facebook page, E-Njoint BV says, “We distinguish ourselves by providing constant innovation and unique designs of electronic vaporizing products.”

However, much like the far more conspicuous vaporizer pen, users can reload a spent e-joint with concentrated forms of marijuana oils to get high.

E-Njoint BV is currently in negotiations with medical cannabis company Tikun Olam to see if their e-joint can be marketed as a health product, in what could likely be an attempt to capitalize on the legalization wave sweeping through the US.

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Alfa Romeo 26.06.2014 18:12

Selling on ebay UK (ships worldwide) and amazon UK now. Check it out!


Bionic Merlin 26.06.2014 02:54

I have already seen non-psychoacive cannabis E-juice and eat hemp granola. I'd rather have a buzz.


John M. Wadsworth 25.06.2014 20:34

goat-on-a-stic k 25.06.2014 03:53

"The best part about smoking marijuana is the flavor" said no one, ever.


I'm not sure that's true at all. I've known pot smokers who used to compare flavors and rave about what they thought were the best. Maybe they associated the flavor with the potency of the particular strain of weed. Who knows? They would tell me that the bad tasting stuff normally had less potency as well.

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