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Algeria supporters riot across France after historic World Cup qualification (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: June 27, 2014 10:41

French police take position after Algeria's football fans celebrate on the Canebiere in Marseille, southern France, on June 26, 2014 after Algeria vs Russia in a FIFA 2014 World Cup Group H match (AFP Photo / Boris Horvat)

French police deployed tear gas on exultant Algeria supporters as their celebrations spiraled out of control, following a landmark World Cup match. Thousands of fans flooded streets across France with officers making at least 74 arrests.

The Algerian team drew with Russia (1-1) on Thursday night and qualified for the knock-out stages of the World Cup for the first time in history. The milestone moment was marked throughout France by the country’s large Algerian community.

French CRS riot police officers secure the Arc de Triomphe as Algerian fans celebrate after Algeria's 2014 World Cup Group H soccer match against Russia, in Paris early June 27, 2014 (Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes)

While most of the celebrations were peaceful, there were outbreaks of trouble with some supporters clashing with police who retaliated by firing off tear gas.

In the southern city of Marseilles, violence flared at around 1.00am when groups of supporters began hurling stones at police cars. Officers quickly responded with tear gas and arrested at least 6 people in the unrest.

People celebrate on the street after the end of Algeria's 2014 World Cup Group H soccer match against Russia, in Algiers June 26, 2014 (Reuters / Louafi Larbi)

In the central city of Lyon, police were forced to deploy water cannon to control supporters who had torched a dozen vehicles.

"Groups took advantage of the crowds to create disorder," an officer told Le Monde newspaper.

The worst violence was witnessed in the North, with over twenty supporters detained for torching vehicles and vandalizing public property.

Thousands of jubilant fans flooded Paris’ Champs Elysees, waving Algerian flags and chanting “Vive l’Algerie.” The raucous celebrations brought the iconic avenue grinding to a halt, as fans hung out of car windows and tooted their horns, reported Le Parisien newspaper.

There were no reports of violence in the French capital, but hundreds of police were deployed across the city to prevent any disorder.

Algeria will now go through to face Germany on Monday night, just a few hours after France play Nigeria.

Algerian fans celebrate in Lyon on June 26, 2014 after Algeria eliminated Russia with a 1-1 draw in a FIFA 2014 World Cup Group H match (AFP Photo)

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Selimor 06.07.2014 01:43

Laila Aljazairia 27.06.2014 17:14

I am Algerian and I do not condone violence and these people do not represent all of us; my apologies to everyone that was affected as a result of ill-mannered algerians. If they want respect in France or anywhere else; they first have to respect themselves as humans and respect the country and the people of the country they are in period.


Oh la la! Comme tu y vas! Had you seen the wanton misbehaviour of British hooligans you would sober up about these ill-mannered so called Algerians (French nationals, actually). Relax o'er a pinta beer'n'call it a day.


Selimor 06.07.2014 01:26

jhuk 27.06.2014 17:42

why this all stupid animals to give a place to france,, mostly all islamist are behave in same manner,,, I think Europa has to close the door for islamist migrants , they are spreeding like virus.. we can expect anything better from them.. only violence and terror ,,


All you need is a brain. These kids have been French for a couple generations or more. Their fathers have sweated their hearts out to build modern France, they were about the only "French" troops that put up a real fight in WW II (Monte Cassino, the liberation of Marseilles, etc.). They ain't migrants


Selimor 04.07.2014 03:40

Rasputin says: "I thought Algerians were black?"

Actually, there is a fairly wide array of shades of colour among our population (kind of like in Brazil). For example, my mum is blonde and her mother was ginger haired and they're both descended from the pirates of the Barbary Coast. My father was darker because his forebears were Moors from Andalucia in Southern Spain, which may have accounted for why he was very intellectual. I could explain further, but then I would run out of space as RT only allows posters a limited number of characters.

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