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Spain, Italy warn against investing in Israeli settlements

Published time: June 27, 2014 15:29
A general view shows a Jewish settlement near Jerusalem known to Israelis as Har Homa and to Palestinians as Jabal Abu Ghneim (Reuters / Ammar Awad)

A general view shows a Jewish settlement near Jerusalem known to Israelis as Har Homa and to Palestinians as Jabal Abu Ghneim (Reuters / Ammar Awad)

Spain and Italy have joined France in advising their citizens not to invest in Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian Land.

The Italian Foreign Minister Frederico Mogherini told Italians on Friday “not to get involved in financial activity and investments” in settlements in the West Bank, Italian media reported.

France, Germany and Britain have already issued similar advisories, as the international community regards all Israeli settlements built on occupied land as illegal.

The Italian announcement comes after Spain issued a similar warning on Thursday. An announcement on the Spanish foreign ministry website cited European Union policy, which deems all Israeli settlements in the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem and Golan, illegal.The statement said these settlements “constitute an obstacle to peace” and hinder trying to achieve a two-state solution to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

“The potential buyers and investors should know that a future peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians or between Israel and Syria could have consequences both for properties acquired and for economic activities promoted in said settlements. In case of litigation, it could be very difficult for member states to guarantee the protection of their interests,” the Spanish statement said.


A spokesman for the Spanish foreign ministry insisted that his government is not calling for a boycott on Israel.

“The statement is not intended as a call for a boycott in any way, or to limit economic cooperation between Spain and Israel within its internationally-recognized borders,” Carlos Entrena Moratiel, told JTA, an international Jewish news agency.

France posted a statement on its foreign ministry website on Thursday explaining that French citizens who go ahead with investments in the occupied territories should seek legal advice before proceeding.

The toughening of rhetoric from Europe has in part come about because of the collapse of Israeli Palestinian peace talks in April.

Israel does not believe settlements in the West Bank are illegal and considers all of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to be part of its territory. Just on June 5, some 1,500 tenders were issued for new settlement housing units. The Housing Ministry explained the move as a response to Palestine forming a unity government which included Hamas.

Ten days later after the tender was published, Israel’s Foreign Ministry asked its ambassadors across the EU to contact European foreign ministries, asking them to refrain from issuing the warnings against associating with settlement businesses. In January, similar calls were made with Israel accusing the EU ofa “one-sided stance” against the Jewish state.

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Auntie Pheminizm 05.07.2014 11:14

Israelis have bombed and threatened Arabs for a long, long time. They are cowards, too, always sucker punching others, then running to Uncle America to protect them.

The IDF specializes in beating Arab grannies and killing Arab schoolgirls. The first time they faced a "real" enemy...Hizbollah, it lost. And Hizbollah didn't have jets, helicopters, tanks, warships, etc.

Israel treats Arabs like the German Army treated starving Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. Odd that Bibi now agrees that "SS vs. Shtetlers" was a "fair fight," one between equals.

Sie g, Bibi!


Auntie Pheminizm 05.07.2014 11:12

For everyone's information.. Israel stole the land in first place, slaughtering Arabs in places like Deir Yassin BEFORE they declared a state. That is, Israelis acted like Germans did in the 1930s... terrorizing Jews, stealing their property. Ashkenazis acting just like Nazis, pre-1942..

Judaism hasn't stopped attacking goyim from the beginning. Perhaps that's why the Tribe was booted from most countries. They lie, cheat, steal, make trouble, always blaming others.

The ir own god hated them forcing them to wander they desert for disobeying laws and worshipping gold. Sound familiar?


Pemba Sherpa 05.07.2014 00:00

Republican Mom 28.06.2014 07:15

For everyone's information.. Israel owned this land in first place, they gave it to Muslims as peace offering not to long ago, of course, Islam hasn't stopped attacking and they have bombed and threatened Israel long enough, about time Israel stood up and said enough, they should have never agreed to give them the land in first place.. After all, Islam won't stop attacking and pushing in until it is occupying whole world!!


yo u are embarrassing yourself...just shut up and get back doing your mom stuff. Hopefully you are better at that...

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