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Emoti-con: Japanese pol’s sob story apology for fraud has YouTube LOL, not crying on inside

Published time: July 02, 2014 13:18
Still from YouTube video

Still from YouTube video

A Japanese politician burst into gut-wrenching sobs trying to explain how he spent $30,000 of government money on traveling. The video immediately caught on YouTube inspiring wild memes.

Ryutaro Nonomura was giving a press conference when he was asked how he wasted the public funds. He was elected to the assembly in the western prefecture of Hyogo in 2011 and is now suspected of misusing ¥3 million ($30,000) of official allowances on travel expenses.

The 47-year-old politician suddenly burst into tears shouting incoherent excuses, wailing and banging his fists on the desk.

"I finally became an assembly member… with the sole purpose of changing society… This Japan… I want to change this society… I have staked my life… Don't you understand?" he shouted while wailing.

Nonomura also made some strange outbursts, yelling: “The ageing population isn’t only a problem in our prefecture!”

The politician allegedly spent the money on 195 trips he made to four locations in one year, including 106 visits to the same hot spring resort. For all these, he failed to produce an expenses report.

Nonomura’s emotional display had Japanese social media users laughing out loud, not crying on the inside. A YouTube video attracted 700,000 hits.

A series of memes flooded the web, including Nonomura’s crying head attached to the body of Miss Japan and to the national football team’s players.

Responses ranged from amused to angry. "Be a man! Don't cry!" wrote one YouTube user. "This is so embarrassing. Is he drunk?" asked another.

"There was a kid like that when I was in elementary school. A kid who tried to explain by crying like that. lol," wrote @chiko86.

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Lilo 03.07.2014 03:37

If only American politicians were scrutinized for their misdoings......


Lilo 03.07.2014 03:37

If only American politicians felt so bad about this misdoings.........


Kaela Creighton 02.07.2014 21:44

I've been throwing my typical tantrums because Putin won't acknowledge me nor give me the settlement. There needs to be a law against doing what he did because we are not equal, and it will hurt us peasants/slaves. Do you know what they did to me? You don't know what I've been through because of that. Plus, it's destroyed a decent chance at a serious career. Remember, the house I want is at 7013 East Farm Road 132, Springfield MO. 65802. If you give me the house and money, I'll spend a long time putting up new wallpaper, so you'll get rid of me. I will get a pair of goats, too.

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