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IDF twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, spreads nuclear leak alert

Published time: July 03, 2014 21:06
Edited time: July 03, 2014 22:02
image by @IDFSpokesperson

image by @IDFSpokesperson

An official Israeli Defense Force twitter account issued a warning of a possible nuclear leak at the country’s research reactor on Thursday. The Tweet was soon deleted while officials reported a security breach and apologized.

The Syrian Electronic Army has apparently taken credit for the hack, tweeting 'Long live Palestine!' via an IDF spokesperson's account.

In their own twitter account, the hackers said they hacked the “whole ‘Israeli army’ propaganda”, attaching a screenshot to prove their claim.

The security breach was quickly noticed and rogue tweets deleted by the IDF, which confirmed that its account had been hacked and apologized to their followers.

The tweets were deleted within minutes, but not before dozens of people had already retweeted the two hacked messages.

A barrage of rockets pounded southern Israel on Thursday. More than ten rockets and mortar shells hit the area in less than an hour, but none came close to the Dimona Nuclear Facility in the Negev Desert, according to Jerusalem Post.

Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza strip have been trading strikes ever since the bodies of 3 missing Israeli teens were found in West Bank last week. Israel vowed to bring the perpetrators of the suspected kidnapping and execution to justice, immediately bombarding dozens of suspected Hamas militant sites and sparking a tit-for-tat rocket campaign.

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The Twitter hacking comes just days after the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the IDF’s official blog. On Sunday, the blog was showing a defaced page, with a message written in Arabic. The IDF has not commented on that hacki, according to Cyber News Alerts, who suspects the attack was a spear phishing attack.

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Alvina Vin Lixi 15.07.2014 09:37

How long are they going to hack twitter IDF?


04.07.2014 13:38

[quote name='Leo B' time='04.07.2014 12:15']

eve rybody is aware of the horrors of communism.
[/quo te]

Everybo dy just believes what is repeated. Stalin was in power for 30 years. The only period during that period when the population fell was due to war during WW2. In a nation of 192 million and over 30 years, tens of millions will die naturally, but western historians ascribe all those deaths to Stalin. Prison population under Stalin was 10% of what it is in the US now. Comparing US to Russia during the none war years between 1922 to 1952 shows life expectancy was less in the US. Capitalism killed more than Stalin.


Ros 04.07.2014 13:13

Who cares about those Syrian hackers, they can't do much harm anyways... just seeking attention.
Reactors in Dimona are beyond reach, calm your imagination!..

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