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'Russia and US share special mission,' Putin tells Obama in July 4 greeting

Published time: July 04, 2014 13:51
Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti/Sergey Guneev)

Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti/Sergey Guneev)

Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that Russia-US relations are currently not at their best in a congratulatory Fourth of July note to Barack Obama. The Russian president said he was sure, however, that the two countries “must cooperate.”

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The Independence Day greetings from Russia come at a time when relations between the two countries are at their lowest in years, mostly over differences in approach to the situation in Ukraine.

But the Kremlin press service said that, nevertheless, “the head of the Russian state has expressed hope that despite difficulties and disagreements, longstanding relations between the two countries will successfully develop on a pragmatic and equal basis,” citing the congratulatory telegram.

Vladimir Putin also described Russia and the US as “two countries bearing special responsibility for maintaining international stability and security.” He said that the two nations “must cooperate not only in the interests of their own peoples but of the whole world.”

Russia and the US have lately been engaged in trading accusations over who is responsible for the current bloodshed in southeast Ukraine.

Washington has imposed sanctions on Russia and has threatened more to come, as Obama’s administration believes that Moscow is inspiring the southeastern regions to stage an anti-Kiev rebellion.

"If Russia's provocations continue, it is clear from our discussions here that the G7 nations are ready to impose additional costs on Russia," Obama told ministers at the G7 summit in Brussels in early June, to which Putin was not invited.

Local resident puts out the fire in a house damaged by an air strike by the Ukrainian armed forces on the village of Luganskaya. (RIA Novosti/Valeriy Melnikov)

The Kremlin has long denied the accusations of masterminding the protests in southeast Ukraine, insisting that the conflict is purely an internal Ukrainian one. If there’s anyone adding fuel to the fire, it’s the US, Moscow says.

Our American colleagues… according to a lot of evidence, still favor pushing the Ukrainian leadership toward the path of confrontation,” Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said in an interview in late June.

Measures that could stop the current bloodshed in Ukraine were agreed upon Wednesday during four-way talks between the foreign ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine.

The same day, Ukrainian authorities said that 279 people have died in the Donetsk Region since the start of fighting this spring, including 160 civilians. Figures for the Lugansk Region have not been revealed.

On June 24, the UN estimated that a total of 423 people were killed between April 15 and June 20 in eastern Ukraine.

The conflict has forced thousands of Ukrainians to flee their homes. The number of Ukrainian refugees in Russia has reached 110,000 people, the UN’s refugee department said on June 27.

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Nursewalt30 08.07.2014 13:38

Sharon R Spurgeon 07.07.2014 00:42

Thank you Putin and Russian People. GOD Bless.


Sh aron , I echo your sentiments . President Putin is daily remembered in my prayers .
One of the qualities which I most admire as demonstrated by President Putin is absence of impulsivity & knee-jerk reaction . Such surly must prove frustrating 4 our U.S. "political machine" . Although repeatedly attacked & provoked by Obama , Kerry , etc , ad nauseum , there is no threatening response from the Russian president . Why ? President Putin has an intellectual depth & a love of country lacking here in USA .


Sharon R Spurgeon 07.07.2014 00:42

Thank you Putin and Russian People. GOD Bless.


Kaela Creighton 05.07.2014 21:24

@Lisa Agnes, It's good to see you. I think the desire to lead is strong in some people and not as strong in others. I've never been much of a leader. I prefer to follow. I think the warrior gene is alive and well in some people though. Does capitalism feed those warriors among us? Probably. I think it feeds the communists, too. Humans make a lot of offspring. The superiors among us are rare. I have a feeling they're rare due to the tendency of mankind to kill people who are not herd-like. Over time, the smarter ones transformed our social order and now nature gives us only x amount of leaders/superiors.

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