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Underwater City? Cars submerged and floating in Russian town after downpour (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: July 05, 2014 19:15
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Heavy rains in the town of Izhevsk in central Russia flooded its streets, plunging hundreds of cars under water. The rain not only washed off the traffic, but also tarnished the city administration’s reputation as residents complained on social networks.

The rain began in Izhevsk on Friday, flooding several of the city's central streets and blocking traffic. The city authorities said they were aware of the situation and later reported that public utility services had pumped out the water and cleared the roads of stones brought by the torrents.

Still, on Saturday - only after half an hour of downpour according to Komsomolskaya Pravda - the roads in Izhevsk turned into rivers again. A local group on the popular Russian vkontakte social network was flooded with images of floating cars.

In some areas the asphalt from the roads was washed away. Several routes for public transport were closed.

A shopping center was badly affected. People had to swim to their cars on its parking lot, before their vehicles-turned-vessels totally submerged.

Locals also said the eternal flame by a military monument in a city park was blown out by the rain. Gas odor in the park was reported to the gas emergency service. Its personnel later fixed the flame, saying it was a rare event for it to be extinguished.

Pedestrians, who braved the outside, were affected too. They were surprised to see stairs leading to a city pond turned into a waterfall, and found some new ponds - right in front of their houses.

While people in Izhevsk posted pictures of the Noah's ark on social networks, debating whether it was time to start building one for themselves, regional news agencies reported they had not had any comments from the city authorities.

Later on Saturday the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergency Ministry took control over the situation in Izhevsk. The rescuers reported that twenty residential houses were flooded in the city.

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Joseph 06.07.2014 12:08

Looks like the highlands of Guatemala a few years ago,
is this normal or a Haarp experiment?


SourceKnown! 06.07.2014 11:14

I would think that it is definately time for all the sane people to start preparing!

These kinds of events will grow in frequency, intensity and duration also scael / affected area's, best to have counter measures in place as much as possible!

I believe we will see much larger storms / events as this year progresses, I also believe that we will see the first of the world storms this year!

Although it will not be as powerful as those that are coming.

Ver y soon the Middle East and Europe will see large scale storms and other events like heat waves!

The time to prepare is now! if you plan on havign a future!


Erik Trete 06.07.2014 04:44

Seriously, too much rain in too short a time leads to flooding anywhere and this effect is compounded if the ground is already waterlogged. It was just recently that parts of Europe were experiencing similar problems as reported by the bbc.

Rain happens......floods happen - Why you should have insurance!

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