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CCTV footage showing faces of slain Palestinian teen’s suspected killers revealed

Published time: July 06, 2014 19:41
Still from YouTube video/ electronicIntifada

Still from YouTube video/ electronicIntifada

Israeli police say they have arrested six Jewish people in connection with the murder of a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem. It follows the release of new CCTV footage revealing the faces of the suspects who are thought to have abducted him.

The video was acquired by The Electronic Intifada website, which is a supporter of Palestinian rights. They reported that “the footage comes from a security camera on the building owned by Hussein Abu Khdair, Mohammad’s father.”

The footage shows from another angle, what Mohammad Abu Khdeir’s family say, was their son’s final movements before he was kidnapped.

The footage was obtained from a CCTV camera, which apparently shows the spot close to where Abu Khdeir was sitting early on Wednesday morning. The 17 year-old is not visible in the video, but one of the two men is seen apparently gesturing towards him.

In the first footage, released several days ago, it appeared as though the man was asking directions, however in the newly obtained footage he appears to be jabbing his arm angrily at the person he is speaking to, who is out of shot.

The suspected attackers appear to be well dressed and in their late teens to early twenties with short cropped dark hair.

“The original video was handed over to police two hours after the boy’s disappearance,” Electronic Intifada stated.

The Palestinian youth was kidnapped and murdered in what is believed to be a revenge killing by Israeli right wing extremists, after three Israeli teenagers were murdered.

Mohammad Abu Khdair (Reuters/Handout)

Earlier Palestinian Attorney General, Mohammad Al A’wewy said that a preliminary post-mortem revealed that the 16 year-old had deposits of soot on his lungs, which suggest that he was still breathing when he was set alight, after he had suffered an injury to his head.

Kidnapped and slain Arab teen was burned alive – autopsy results

The teen’s abduction and cruel death has led to days of rioting in East Jerusalem.

In a separate incident, Abu Khdeir's 15-year-old cousin, Tarek, a US citizen of Palestinian descent who goes to school in Florida, was badly beaten by police after his detainment during clashes on Thursday, ahead of his cousin’s funeral.

Tarek Abu Khdeir has been placed under house arrest by an Israeli court on Sunday, despite police demanding to keep him in custody claiming that he attacked police officers.

House arrest: Israeli court refuses to jail brutally beaten 15yo Palestinian-American

Tarek’s parents maintain his innocence and claim Israeli police officers committed an unprovoked attack on their son while he was handcuffed. On Saturday a video, showing how two officers violently beat Abu Khdeir while he was lying on the floor, appeared on local television, provoking outrage and condemnation on social media.

Following the uproar, the US government released a statement saying it was “profoundly troubled” by the incident.

Tarek Abu Khdeir (R) is greeted by his mother after being released from jail in Jerusalem July 6, 2014. (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

Comments (47)


no one 07.07.2014 11:54

those police must be self hating jews.


Auntie Pheminizm 07.07.2014 06:05

> "The Palestinian youth was kidnapped and murdered in what is believed to be a revenge killing..."


W rong.

The 3 Jews were killed to avenge the cold-blooded murder of 2 Arab boys by the IDF...which was filmed... and which started the Jewish riots and pillaging.

Get the sequence right: in almost every case, Jews the start fights. They then bring out weapons they planned to use from the git-go... against people without any.

You know, like Germany did against Juden not so long ago.

Nice to see Jews finally admitting the Aryan State was justified in what it did.

Ashken azis and Nazis: BFF!


Auntie Pheminizm 07.07.2014 05:53

So...2 hours after the abduction Israel, with its Mossad, Shin Bet, IDF, police and hi-tech gizmos couldn't immediately find the killers?

Wh y aren't the homes of the killers being demolished?

Why aren't Palestinians being urged to seek vengeance by Beebs?

The hypocrisy of the hateful Jewish State is WORSE than that of the Aryan State. Why? Because the victims of Nazism, the people to whom the world extended so much compassion, have turned out to be no different that Adolf, Inc.

The only thing that holds blood-fanged Ziombies back is CCTV, the Internet, and iPhones.

Is rael uber alles!

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