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Viral: Anti-ISIS Syria rebel commander delivers speech with 'Hello Kitty' notebook

Published time: July 08, 2014 17:39
Edited time: July 10, 2014 17:28

A video of a jihadist commander in Syria drawing inspiration for an impassioned speech to his fellow militants from a little girls’ favorite Hello Kitty note pad has gone viral on the internet.

The address by Zahran Alloush, the head of Jaysh al-Islam, was aimed against the rival Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

In late June, ISIS declared the captured territories, from Iraq's Diyala province to Syria's Aleppo, a ‘caliphate’, with its leader being Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and announced that from now on it should be called ‘The Islamic State’.

The two groups are currently involved in a battle for control over the Ghouta area, a collection of farms surrounding the south and east of the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to the description in the video post on YouTube last week, Alloush urged his men to fight the “evil ideology” of ISIS, which recently announced the establishment of an Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

He labeled the group as traitors to Islamic values, who had “tried to destroy jihad in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in Iraq. They have now come to try and destroy jihad in Syria.”

The Jaysh al-Islam leader also slammed ISIS for recruiting foreign fighters and having virtually no regard for the civilian population.

Alloush cut a hawkish stance, wearing a desert camouflage uniform and a semi-automatic handgun strapped to his side.

However, the effect was ruined by a pink-colored Hello Kitty note pad lying in front of him.

Hello Kitty is a fictional character, designed by Japanese artist Yuko Shimizu in 1974. Since then, this cute white bobtail cat with a red bow on her head has inspired the undying admiration of small girls all around the world.

The Hello Kitty brand has been rolled out on dolls, stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories, school supplies, home appliances, jewelry and other products.

It was selected as Japan’s cultural ambassador in 2008, also boasting its own animated series, a music album and several video games.

Jaysh al-Islam is a coalition of militant groups fighting against the government forces of President Bashar Assad in the Syrian civil war.

It was barred from joining the Free Syrian Army and stands accused of massacring over 30 religious minority representatives in the town of Adra in December 2013.

ISIS is believed to be the strongest insurgent group in Syria at the moment. It is not only fighting the government, but other militants.

Its forces are also advancing in Iraq, claiming to have already gained control of an area of over 50 thousand square kilometers.

AFP Photo / Yoshikazu Tsuno

AFP Photo / Yoshikazu Tsuno

Comments (28)


Mohammed Mahjoob 26.07.2014 20:17

you people are brainless, the guy wouldn't have even heard of that name. this is the age of matchless stupidity. this matchless stupidity is spread through the media field people whose majority are cudre stupes. they hold this cultural background drawback against an individual who's not even related to that culture, someone from the eastern hemisphere who's totally unaware of cultural references in the Western hemisphere is judged in the light of that Western culture , shows you how the media is controlled by total idiots and semi-ignorants. people like that are the real danger on humanity, not those jihadists.


Mathew Peter 25.07.2014 04:46

They are not boared with life but no place to survive so they are looking for host like parasites.


Saied_RF 11.07.2014 11:24

"Zahran Alwash" is the leader of the Former "Liwa-Al -Islam" ; He is an obedience Lackey of the Saudi intelligence(Especia lly, Bandar-bin-Sultan) and he was the one who executed the false flag 'Chemical Attack' in 'Gouta' in Syria, August 2013, with the help of the Saudis.

Jus t like the 'Alwash', 'ISIL' also receives the Saudi Money, Weapons and intelligence; But unlike the 'Alwash', 'ISIL' is a disobedient Lackey of the Saudis and also the USA.

One day, this 'ISIL' mad-dog will point his weapon at the Terrorist Saudi Regime.

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