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Cannabis treasure: Italian children dig up 2.5kg of pot while playing on beach

Published time: July 08, 2014 19:38
AFP Photo / Michele Daniau

AFP Photo / Michele Daniau

While digging deep into the sand near the sea shore for pirate’s treasure, two Italian children found a stash of marijuana weighing 2.5kg.

A family of four was holidaying on Montesilvano beach in the province of Pescara and the kids “started to dig a hole in the sand." They found a package, but it’s doubtful that it was buried there by pirates!

The "large, heavy" bag they uncovered between a road and rows of deckchairs contained what turned out to be "at least 2.5 kilos" of cannabis, according to police.

The boys, intrigued by the package, but unaware of the contents, showed their finding to their parents, who alerted the beach authorities, local media said. The lido’s manager then called the police.

In an attempt to catch the owners of the marijuana, police kept watch over the area, but no one came to claim the bag of pot.

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Matt 09.07.2014 13:26

Pot is illegal in Italy? I am surprised. Why would they make a harmless weed illegal?


Chico 09.07.2014 07:58

What's Bacaray Sagna got to do with this?


Douglas Dewar 09.07.2014 04:26

So that's where she left it !

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