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‘Assange won’t come’: Swedish MPs urge end to whistleblower case

Published time: February 05, 2014 08:47
Edited time: February 06, 2014 14:24
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (Reuters / Anthony Devlin)

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (Reuters / Anthony Devlin)

Swedish MPs are calling on the prosecutors in the Julian Assange sexual assault case to travel to London and question the WikiLeaks founder at the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has been taking refuge since June 2012.

The members of the Swedish parliament say investigators should accept that Assange will not be leaving the embassy voluntarily.

“It is in the interest of everyone involved in this process that the prosecutor reaches a conclusion to either file charges or dismiss the case, and it is obvious that Assange will not come to Sweden,” Staffan Danielsson, from the Center Party, said, as quoted by the Times.

Anne Ramberg, the secretary-general of the Swedish Bar Association, said “You have to be a bit pragmatic to put an end to such a circus. They should have headed to London to interrogate him.”

However, Anders Perklev, the Swedish prosecutor-general, was convinced the lawmakers are interfering with the judicial matters.

“The fact that an MP openly questions a prosecutor’s decision-making in an individual case is remarkable,” he said.

The Swedish MPs statement comes just a day after Assange saying that one of the women involved in the case sent text messages admitting he never raped her.

The whistleblower quoted a few SMSs reportedly exchanged between his two alleged victims, with one of the messages saying "it was the police who made up the charges."

Plus, the alleged victim "did not want to put any charges on JA, but that the police were keen on getting a grip on him," according to the affidavit published on WikiLeaks website.

The whistleblower’s stay at the embassy began in June 2012 after Assange’s claims that Sweden would extradite him to the US over leaking secret documents.

Assange faces rape charges from one woman and sexual assault charges from another following a visit to Stockholm in 2010.

The operation to monitor the embassy in order to apprehend Assange should he emerge from it reportedly costs British taxpayers 6 million pounds a year.

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Snakealee A. Sealy 12.02.2014 07:37

However although I am clearly a silly foolish person, I'd like to suggest that if helpful documents to my country which are difficult to approach are referred to amongst this readable type of article they will be more approachable to people than if they are presented as heavy copious amounts of leaked material. -Mel


Snakealee A. Sealy 12.02.2014 07:37

I really like this article. I think that Julian has a head and also I have head which is why I can declare that all of the accusations against Julian Assange that have been made on the grounds that he is a pervert appear to be trumped up horseshit. As far as I know he is a gentleman unlike some others. There is certainly hope for his journalism and fancy beard.
Red october, stop wingeing, you don't even speak english, also, Blackberry your point about Marianne is very funny. Unfortunately for that strategy assassination is only legal in a few countries. You need countries with more s's for that.


Sam Stone 07.02.2014 09:29

If the Swedish prosecutors actually had the interests of the "victims" in mind and believed that the charges had some foundation, they would have traveled to London a long time ago to not drag this case out for years. Stubbornly prolonging the victim's "suffering" ; for all this time does not help anyone, and only confirms the belief that this is a politically charged circus.

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