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Crypto-currency for NSA leaker: Snowden fund accepts Bitcoin

Published time: August 12, 2013 14:51
AFP Photo / George Frey

AFP Photo / George Frey

US fugitive Edward Snowden’s defense fund, launched recently by WikiLeaks to raise money for the legal protection of the NSA leaker, has announced it now accepts donations in virtual currency Bitcoin.

The Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund (JSPD) was set up on August 9 with the goal to provide legal as well as campaign aid to journalistic sources. Snowden, who is behind the biggest intelligence leak in the history of the US National Security Agency (NSA), has been selected the first such source.

Snowden was granted temporary asylum in Russia on August 1, after he spent more than five weeks in a transit zone at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. He then slipped quietly out of the terminal for an undisclosed secure location. The whistleblower is charged in the US with espionage and other crimes.

So far the Snowden fund, which is governed by UK laws and administered by London-based Derek Rothera & Company Charted Accountants, has risen over US$ 9,300 from 160 contributors.

In addition to traditional payment methods such as credits cards, bank transfers and checks, Snowden’s defense fund also accepts donations by Bitcoin, WikiLeaks tweeted on Monday. 

Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, was first introduced in 2009 and has since then exploded in value. The virtual crypto-cash is gaining popularity around the globe as people become dissatisfied with the conventional banking system.

Last week, a federal judge in Texas ruled that Bitcoin is a legitimate currency. On the one hand, the ruling brought it a step closer to being recognized as real money. On the other, the decision opened up the possibility for the virtual cash to be soon regulated by government, which contradicts the very concept of Bitcoin – a peer-to-peer, relatively anonymous payment method that is free from centralized authority.

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Bob Mackenzie 19.08.2013 12:50

Democracy is an illusion in the US. It doesn't matter what party you vote in, Repus or Demos, corporate American controls him then by extension the army and the overall population. The US is governed by a corporate oligarchy.


Lingam 13.08.2013 16:09

This is a good chance for Snowden (St. Ed) supporters to put some discrete money where their mouth is.


Lingam 13.08.2013 16:07

Mike 13.08.2013 10:26

I find it odd how RT (mouthpiece of the Kremlin) is on a massive USA slamming misson when Russia runs a degenerated capitalist system that the elite in America could only dream of.
Russia: Where the middle class live like the wests underclass and a few billionares laugh there way to the bank, sadly the west has been creeping more and more into this model which is the real problem. There was another country that has double standards in the same manner as Russia is now starting to do...


Speaking of ironic... And yet YOU feel compelled to sign up as an RT blogger.

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