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License to kill? British spies to be authorized to break speed limit

Published time: January 13, 2014 08:45
Edited time: January 13, 2014 13:54
AFP Photo / Carl Court

AFP Photo / Carl Court

Pedestrian safety is set to take a back seat to national security as British intelligence officers will be provided a free pass to zoom through zebra crossings and ignore red lights, according to new motoring laws.

Hollywood car-chase scenes, James Bond-style, may become a regular occurrence on the streets of Britain thanks to an overhaul of the national motoring law, which Transport minister, Robert Goodwill, is scheduled to announce on Monday.

The new law will allow MI5 and MI6 agents to go through red lights and ignore road markings - much the same as police officers, fire fighters and emergency medical crews - in the name of “protecting national security”.

Other agencies, including bomb disposal units, mountain rescue teams and vehicles used to transport organs for transplant are also set to be added to the list, AFP reported.

British spooks will have legal clearance to break the speed limit in the course of surveillance and clandestine operations, once they have completed a training course in high-speed driving. The priority of protecting national security now outweighs any potential risk to the public in the form of high-speed car chases through neighborhoods.

“This is a good commonsense move that will apply to people who perform vital services in difficult circumstances,” a government source told the Sunday Times. “It will help save lives and make Britain a more secure place.”

Presently, any intelligence officer pursuing a suspected criminal along the streets of Britain in excess of 30 miles (48 kilometers) per hour [inner city speed limit] may be cited for speeding or reckless endangerment.

Despite the revamped legislation, British intelligence officers will still be required to operate their vehicles in a “responsible manner”, and remain subject to the same rules under the revised Road Safety Act as police, ambulance and fire service drivers, according to The Independent, a British daily.

Britain’s new motoring law comes in the wake of a 2012 Department for Transport report that said 93 percent of respondents agreed that breaking the speed limit should be permissible for those driving for “the protection of life and limb or national security”.

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Michael Proctor 14.01.2014 13:18

[quote name='Michael Dunham' time='14.01.2014 10:10']
...The terrorist will kill people...
[/quot e]

I know the terrorists - they are in Westminster! "Terrorism" ; is a propoganda word used by government and pushed by main-stream media to control you. 52 people have died from terrorism in the past 9 years. To put it in perspective, in 2008 alone 2,538 people died on Britain's roads. I grew up during the IRA bombings through the 70s but I felt more free than I do today. This isn't the country I remember, sad.

The more repressive a government becomes, the more terrorism (freedom fighting?) there will be. Expect a rise...


fran7 14.01.2014 08:25

This is not a good idea and proof ( statistics ) is readily available in the number of police accidents in which many police car and motor bike crashes result in civilian death when answering emergency calls or chasing joy riders.
Are we to believe that British spies are better trained than police drivers who are also in marked cars? I don't think so.
All drivers should be equally liable for any driving offence as all are supposed to be equal under the Law?


EST338Lapua 13.01.2014 21:49

Michael Dunham 13.01.2014 18:05

Wha t a narrow point of view, but if you are unhappy then please feel free not to visit.
This isn't a license to break any laws but giving the security services the tools they need to do their jobs.
I guess if you were a supporter of terrorism you'd be less than pleased with this......judging by some of the comments there's obviously some here.


Dear Michael Dumbham
Maybe you are a wannabe james bollocks supporter or a james bollocks yourself.
us being supporter of terrorism??? they should cut down on Hollywood movies down there in Vuxhall!!!! .lol

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