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Juice News: Crimea - media war games (ft. Abby Martin)

Published time: March 31, 2014 14:37
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​Join Robert Foster, caught squarely in the crossfire as he attempts to navigate the salvos, and find some underlying truth.

It's Mutually-Assured Mass-Media Destruction: Crimedia Wars - and the stakes are high - who will win the War of Perception? It's Juice Rap News, in the thick of it, as usual... Hysteria Is Happening.

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Comments (9)


Simon Matthew Horn 05.05.2014 15:17

brilliant self awareness RT love it!!!!!!
media is stronger when it gives a fair view on all situations.


Andromeda 01.05.2014 12:46

Good job!


Jan Bronwulf Lichý 01.05.2014 00:05

A real massacre :D Great one RT!!! Keep up going!!! :-)

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