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EU ministers link GM crops approval to future elections

Published time: February 13, 2014 15:10
Reuters / Vincent Kessler

Reuters / Vincent Kessler

Leading EU agricultural nations remain steadfast in their battle against GM crops. Dozen national European ministers warn against approving GM maize and forebode protest voting during the next EU parliamentary elections in May.

Once Brussels announced it would approve the cultivation of US-developed genetically modified maize in Europe despite opposition of the majority of the EU member states, 12 ministers of national governments wrote a letter to European Health Commissioner Tonio Borg, demanding that approval be blocked of GM maize grown for human consumption in Europe.

At a meeting in Brussels earlier this week, 19 out of 28 EU member states refused to give a green light to the insect-resistant Pioneer 1507 corn developed by DuPon and Dow Chemical. Four countries, including agricultural giant Germany, abstained in the voting.

But under EU rules, the Commission is empowered to approve GM for cultivation.

The letter, signed by foreign and European affairs ministers from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland and Slovenia, is dated February 12.

The ministers gave Brussels a warning that citizens of EU member states are likely to express their generally negative attitude towards GM crops at the European Parliament elections in May.

“Those who believe in the value of the EU to its citizens are rightly concerned how this will play out in the upcoming European elections,” the letter says.

The stand-off may eventually lead to a situation when GM crops would be allowed in the EU in general, with all countries reserving the right to ban GM nationwide, Reuters reported.

Five EU countries, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and in particular Spain and UK, are advocating GM crops, pointing out it would be tough for their farmers to compete with rivals from those nations where growing GM crops is legal.

European agricultural producers generally do not approve of genetically modified crops, which are widely cultivated in both Americas and Asia, due to health and ecological concerns. Yet one GM modification of maize, MON 810 made by US-based biotechnology giant Monsanto, is grown in the EU. According to the European Commission, MON 810 maize occupies only 1.35 percent of the EU's total maize-growing area, mostly in Spain, with 116,306 hectares.

At the same time 49 varieties of GM crops, mostly maize, Pioneer 1507 included, are approved for animal feed in the EU.

The European Commission fully backs this type of GM crop, saying extensive scientific research has confirmed that modern GM crops are safe. Meat of GM-raised animals is already being sold in Europe without restrictions.

Genetically modified crops are developed to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides. DuPont and Dow Chemical’s Pioneer 1507 maize begets a pesticide toxin itself and is also resistant to a weed-killer called glufosinate ammonium.

Greenpeace, the environmental group, claims that glufosinate ammonium is harmful to butterflies and moths and “will be banned in the EU by 2017 due to its toxicity.”

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DarkEyes 18.07.2014 23:13

The corporations lobbyists design the new laws so that the only thing our "hard working EU commissioners" have to do is just sign and at the end of the month receive their fat salary plus their expenses.
Monsan to's MON 810 maize occupies "only 1.35 percent of the EU's total maize-growing area".


mergon 15.02.2014 14:19

A corporate plan ? the banks stole all of our money and on top of that the government gave them our public money

There are rules that say if you dont join the EU you cant have free trade ,but what if the EU is going broke what happens to those rules then ? America needs the EU to unload all of its GM products and the climate is right for American corporations to move into cheap labour zones like the sunshine bank places such as Spain/Greece/Portuga l ect ect ,think its far fetched sit back and watch !


Sarkar Saheb 14.02.2014 16:57

This is what 'Democratic Centralism' as practiced by the communist regimes, is about! The members say no but the executive says 'you don't count'!
If you can follow the money trail you will find the 'sunks' at the end. GM Corn it WILL be or??????

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