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​Caught on CCTV: Moment of Volgograd railway station explosion (VIDEO)

Published time: December 29, 2013 12:06
Edited time: December 30, 2013 03:21

CCTV video cameras were recording the railway station at the time of the blast

Download video (2.91 MB)

At least 17 people, including the bomber, have been killed and over 40 injured in a blast at a railway station in the city of Volgograd, southern Russia.

The explosion took place at 12.45 local time (08:45 GMT). A female suicide bomber is suspected, says the National Anti-Terrorism Committee. The device reportedly went off just before the metal detector. Witnesses say a policeman detected a suspicious woman who blew herself up when he approached her.

Many witness accounts and amateur footages were shared on the internet depicting the Volgograd explosion.

In one of these videos, closed-circuit television (CCTV) video cameras recorded the railway station at the time of the blast. A flash of light is seen followed by heavy smoke breaking out from the central arch of the station. Several people started running from and towards the main entrance.

Three days of mourning has now been declared in Volgograd which was struck by a terrorist bombing just last October.

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Travis Meharry 03.01.2014 06:17

do work, Vlad.


Travis Meharry 03.01.2014 06:14

Go to work, Vlad.


Beverly Jean Terry 30.12.2013 09:11

You fools really believe all Americans trust their news? Your kidding m right? We watch all news channels. Doesn't mean we believe anything hey say. CNN CBS nobs are run and owned by a commie known all over the world name of George Soro. He was kicked out of a lot of countries. Americans get their news from one American to another. Those that work in the military and so on. From one family to another. Trust us, we know what's going n in our country. The bombing in Boston was carried ut by two terrorists brother, that are from a country that used to be a Russian country or city. One is dead, one is alive in prison.

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