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TEPCO detects record radiation at Fukushima’s reactor 2, new leak suspected

Published time: December 21, 2013 16:06
Edited time: December 22, 2013 22:41
No. 2 reactor buildings of the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear power plant (AFP Photo / Pool)

No. 2 reactor buildings of the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear power plant (AFP Photo / Pool)

TEPCO has found a record 1.9 million becquerels per liter of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances at its No.2 reactor. Also radioactive cesium was detected in deeper groundwater at No.4 unit’s well, as fears grow of a new leak into the ocean.

The level of beta ray-emitting radioactivity in groundwater around the crippled Fukushima reactor No. 2 reactor has been rising since November, NHK reported.

Previous the highest level – 1.8 million becquerels (bq/liter), of beta-ray sources per liter - was registered at reactor No.1 on December 13.

Meanwhile, TEPCO’s latest examination of deeper groundwater beneath the #4 reactor's well has raised new concerns that there might be another source of radioactive substances leakage into the ocean.

For the first time, the analysis of water samples taken from a layer 25 meters beneath the No. 4 reactor's well that is facing the ocean has revealed radioactivity in groundwater.

TEPCO investigators detected 6.7 bq/liter of Cesium 137 and 89 bq/liter of strontium as well as other beta ray-emitting radioactive substances.

However, the company’s officials said that it is early to talk about a hotspot of radiation leak and more examinations are needed to prove that. TEPCO suggested that current numbers could be wrong because radioactive substances may have been mistakenly mixed during the process of getting the sample.

Leakage of radiation-contaminated water has been the major threat to Japan’s population and environment from the very beginning of the Fukushima disaster in March 2011.

Only in late July 2013 did TEPCO acknowledge the fact that contaminated water is escaping from basements and trenches of the Fukushima plant into the ocean.

Since then, TEPCO reported about two major leaks of highly radioactive water into the ocean from storage tanks – a 300-ton leak in August and 430 liters in October.

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jackson 14.01.2014 02:24

aa little shake, shimmy, ground shudder. What? Don't act like you don't know what an earthquake is, Think maybe some water might spill, huge tanks rupture, yea . wonder what then? WILL happen. Inevitable. visualize this. Sorry Japan. thought you would have been hip to the whole nuke thing after fat boy. Be humbled now as you bow out. O don't feel lonely. we're right behind you. "think not much of our delay, we're already on the way".


L. Jovanovic 12.01.2014 04:34

Interesting that I never read this is U.S., or Britans papers. Yet not when one considers the 'positions' taken by these two countries with China & Japan, both economically & militarily.

Someone said there is 'no solution' & I agree. It's six of one & half a dozen of the other.

Evacuation of the West coast is impossible, too. Imagine the chaos. There's no room for all of us; the poor have no transportation. To mention only two obstacles.

It's too late to speak of what could have, should have been done or not done. We have no future.


James Smallwood 10.01.2014 06:08

I'm hoping schedule a ride on the next landing on the moon................ ..

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