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​Germans may sweep parliament for bugs, tapped phones

Published time: March 11, 2014 12:07
AFP Photo / DPA / Rainer Jensen / Germany Out

AFP Photo / DPA / Rainer Jensen / Germany Out

The German parliament building may be soon checked for bugs and eavesdropping landlines to ensure privacy. Berlin is ramping up security amid a scandal over electronic surveillance by the US National Security Agency.

A plan to secure the Bundestag complex was prepared by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and approved by the IuK, the parliamentary commission on information technology and communications, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Monday citing its sources. It is to be presented to MPs later this week.

One of the prime areas of interest for the BSI is posed by supposedly secure rooms, which are meant to be used for negotiations of officials related to confidential matters. The office wants to ensure that they are actually free of bugs, the report says.

They also want to check landlines in the building, because they can be used for remote eavesdropping on the parliament.

The BSI may also launch an awareness campaign for the MPs over the safety of their mobile phones. The German government has standard secure models supporting encryption of communications, but the deputies and their staff members mostly prefer conventional models, because they are less cumbersome.

The measures have been under discussion for some time, since documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, are subject to the agency's surveillance. The revelation caused a scandal in the surveillance-conscious nation, which experienced serious infringements of privacy during Nazi rule and later under a Communist government in the east.

The Bundestag is located in central Berlin, not far from the embassies of the UK, France, Russia and the US, the latter reportedly being a base for American surveillance on Germans, Der Spiegel pointed out.

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Anthony David 13.03.2014 04:16

I would imagine anyone who "bugs" the body of elected members of an electorate as declaring war upon the electorate.

As the information that is quite privy to those elected people of thee electorate in question. Have clearly been violated.

T hus within the nature of the interest driven capitalist(false) system where those who fail(succeed) whilst those who succeed(fail) as the dynamic manifold interests of economy, security, safety and other variables take precedence over truth, honesty, integrity, capitalism, yada yada, etc.

German s/of/nations declare war. find out if "They" want peace. or not. end the games.


Live on your knees or die fighting 12.03.2014 22:17

Germans are just talk they will do nothing but continue with more lies - they talk the talk but do nothing to protect innocent people and families - remember - if you lay down with dogs you will catch fleas - Merkel is a traitor !!


DoAsk DoTell 12.03.2014 22:03

Is all this theatres? Too many layers of costly destructive parasites = exhaustion of our home planet!

The "front" gov says/does official works... WHILE the "back" gov does something else/the opposites?
That way "corporatists&q uot; can "grow" businesses... AND job securities for civil managers?
While the top of the 0.0000001% can control & siphon taxpayers?

Sustainable planet is simple, inexpensive: worldwide democracy & world peace & human enlightenment (the best of our instincts & beauty & heart & soul)

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