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Bad hair day or global environmental disaster: You choose

Published time: January 28, 2012 06:58
Edited time: January 28, 2012 10:58

Environmental activists stage a rally near the US embassy in Manila on December 3, 2011, demanding more action to stop climate change (AFP Photo / JAY DIRECTO)

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Global warming is not only wearing out our planet's environment, but also the minds of global leaders trying to find solutions. Legislators are introducing more and more bills to help curb the effects of climate change.

­RT's Lori Harfenist found out on the streets of the Big Apple that ordinary Americans are ready to give up something to fight global warming – but certainly not everything.

Things like quitting hairdryers and walking distances less than two miles instead of driving actually meet no resistance, but as for drying clothes on the line instead of using a spin-dryer and taking a shower for less than a minute – these things met with much less understanding.

One woman even told Lori that people “are cold and selfish”. She said “they do not care about the planet unless it affects them personally”.

“Unfortunately that is the world we are living in”, the woman said.

Changing personal habits of energy consumption can clearly seem depressing – but might become obligatory, if global warming really does continue to affect our planet.


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