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‘Turn the curse into a blessing’: Netanyahu wants UN of the internet

Published time: January 27, 2014 19:29
Edited time: January 29, 2014 14:59
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his opening speech of the "CyberTech 2014" international conference on January 27, 2014. (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his opening speech of the "CyberTech 2014" international conference on January 27, 2014. (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said at the Cybertech conference in Tel Aviv that he wants to create a coalition of leading companies to turn the internet from a curse into a blessing.

In the wake of a reported breach of Defense Ministry computers, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu talked of the importance of cyber security at an Israeli cybertech conference in the Israeli capital on Monday, Globes reports.

“The biggest challenge we face with the cyber world is protecting the privacy and security of the public. There could be a serious breach,” he said.

“There should be a sort of UN for the internet. A coalition of the leading companies in the cyber world…and in my opinion Israel is the most advanced,” he added.

Fleshing out his plan during the conference, the prime minister said he envisaged hundreds of cybertech companies being set up in an unprecedented cooperation between the government and the business world. He explained that the more computerized the world gets, the more vulnerable we all become, and so we must deal with it in a systematic and focused manner.

“This project is big and reflects our visions to develop Israel with international cooperation. We all want to see a cyber-world that is open, free and cooperative. When you think cyber, think Israel,” Israel’s leader said.

Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive of IBM Software and Systems, speaks during the opening of the "CyberTech 2014" international conference on January 27, 2014 in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel-Aviv. (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

Netanyahu’s speech came hot on the heels of it becoming public that hackers had broken into an Israeli Defense Ministry computer via an email attachment earlier this month, which was tainted with malicious software.

The hackers broke into 15 computers, one of them belonging to Israel’s Civil Administration that monitors Palestinians in Israeli occupied territory.

The software managed to fool employees at the Defense Ministry because it looked like it had been sent by Israel’s Shin Bet secret security service, an Israeli cyber security firm said on Sunday.

The chief technology officer at Seculert, Aviv Raff, told Reuters that Palestinians were suspected of being behind the attack, but other than that he did not have any information on what the hackers did. The Defense Ministry declined to comment.

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Avis71 08.05.2014 19:55

All my comments removed
That didn't happen for quite a while.

i was just suggesting it's better to make a law which prohibits religions to distinguish between the believers and the non believers.
All people should be treated equal
That would most likely solve the problem


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 13.03.2014 18:13

Cybersecurity from Israel of the Stuxnet variety.


Irritable Farmer 30.01.2014 11:58

All fascists speak the same drivel - it's for your own safety.

Why does the mainstream press [RT included] give a voice to this nutjob?

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